Self Crucifixion

Insecure, I am afraid to look

at my reflection in the mirror

because my beauty only brings

terror and horror to the heavens.

Insecure, I am afraid to look at you,

I am afraid to look at myself face to

face to acknowledge my problems. my

thoughts pour out before you like your

own bloodshed, but you refuse to see

that I am dying inside like a dying fetus

inside a pregnant woman's stomach. I

wouldn't be worth much if I didn't feel

so please bring on the heartache so I

crucify myself and be rid of myself forever.

Hells' wedding bells ring and my soul flies

out of my skin leaving behind my blood

stained cross. Suicide, this is the best way

that I can be at peace with myself and you

who consider me to be a failure. Its not you,

its me that I hate for not meeting all of your