Prologue: An Inconvenient Truth

Annabel's POV

Kissing James Thorpe was the best moment of my life.

That is, until I kissed his best friend, Logan Moore.

Now before you jump to conclusions about me, let me just say that first, I did not consciously advocate or encourage this; and second, he came onto me, a point I cannot emphasize enough.

Besides, I hated the guy when he kissed me; I had no feelings for Logan whatsoever. It wasn't until he stuck his tongue down my throat that I realized the inconvenient truth: that I was also in love with my boyfriend's best mate.

What a skank, you think. Oh, but Annabel Lee (that's me) doth protest! I didn't plan for any of this to happen. It just did. And if you were in my shoes, I don't think you'd have the heart to choose between them either, no matter who they are or how much you once despised them.

Confused? I should probably start from the beginning…

Before I met James, my life was completely devoid of guys. In fact, had my life back then been a movie, it would've rated PG thirteen. I was never the type of girl to party, or go out to meet boys like other teenage girls; I was too hooked on school to care for any of that. If anything, I was the type of girl to involve herself in as many extracurricular activities as she could to make up for the shortfall. And I guess I was lucky in that respect because that's how I met James- during our school production of King Arthur where he played Lancelot and I, Guinevere. On stage he played my knight in shining armor; and off stage, he was my knight in shining armor. I loved everything about him- from his easy, swaggering walk, down to his dark liquid eyes which (just so you know) unstitch me every time I look at them.

There was, however, one thing I didn't like so much about him, and that was his choice of friends- namely, his best mate, the absolute most detestable man to ever grace the earth.

Logan Moore is the richest kid in school and the object of adoration in Maple Falls. Rumor has it that even residents in NYC whisper his name, although I hardly find this surprising since he's probably slept with half the female population over there (not discounting women above their forties). Nevertheless, the town holds him on a pedestal and entertains high hopes for him. It was even worse at school where everyone's either blinded by his charm or by his money. He had this- how shall I say?- nauseating, sickening, infuriating ability to flirt with all the girls he deemed 'appropriate to bang'. He would act the gentleman to all these girls, attract them with cheesy compliments, captivate them with his fake princely smile, beguile them with his charisma, then lure them into his bed with lavish gifts. In simpler words, he's the badass Lucifer never got to be. Logan had the charm and he certainly had the looks- looks which, I should point out, could have landed him any girl he wanted. But I guess that's where the trouble began.

See, Logan knows I've never been a fan of him. In fact, he knows I hate him as much as I hate peanut butter because that shit gives me the hives. Ever since I realized what a class-A jackass he was, I'd swore never to become one of those fawning girls that follow him everywhere around school. His pretentious nature, his apparently oh-so-sexy abs, nor his alluring smile has therefore ever charmed me.

But jerks like him have sick minds. I think it has do with their egos and the reputations they think they have to uphold because this has been the only conclusion I have arrived at as to why Logan Moore would ever want to kiss me- his beloved best friend's girlfriend. Sure, he and James are as different as chalk and cheese, but he and James were also joined at the hip, having grown up together since the day they were in diapers. It must've therefore taken a lot of balls for Logan to perpetrate such a heinous crime against his friend, and ego must have been his Viagra. Logan knew he could never win me, so what did he do?

Oh, I'll tell you what he did!

The idiot kissed me and now I'm head over heels in love with him.

With him and his best mate.