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Author's Notes:

This describes a group of people who share the same beliefs and interests and are willing to say and act following said beliefs and interests. A yakuza clan can consists of hundreds and thousands of members spanning one region or multiple regions. Usually, a yakuza clan consists mostly of males, but female presence is not unthinkable. In a yakuza clan, loyalty is highly favored and betrayal is punishable by death only. Those of lower ranks must listen to people who have more power than them, any disconcordance is to be discussed in private and not to be made a public matter. One can only join a yakuza clan if a member is wiling to recommand him or her. They will have to go through a series of tests to determine whether they are fitful to join the clan or not. Once you've decided to join a clan, turning coat is considered betrayal regardless of whether the clan has accepted you or not; and betrayal is punishable by death only.

Each yakuza clan has its own name, usually taken after the family name of the founder of the clan. Each clan also has its own symbol and it is a requirement for all clan members to have a tattoo of said symbol on their body. The bigger the tattoo, the higher one's status is within the clan. The process of tattooing is called irezumi, it is done by bamboo sticks with ink and inserted beneath the skin via hand work as opposed to a tattoo gun. This process is often painful (no pain killer is allowed) and time consuming depending on the size of the tattoo.

Kumicho: The kumicho is the reigning leader of a clan. He is usually someone chosen by the previous kumicho and had been trained to take over the clan. However, it is not uncommon for a yakuza clan to start because someone won the kumicho seat via a fight. The kumicho is to be respected and protected at all times. The words of a kumicho are law, and disobeying the kumicho results in severe punishment; depending on the degree, it can often lead to death. The kumicho is to make all decisions regarding the clan, he holds power over all members of the clan and is expected to act in the clan's best interest. He is not only a general in military affairs, but also a boss in administrative issues, and a spiritual leader who inspires and motivates his clan. The kumicho is to set an example of the clan's motto by his words and actions together.

Saiko komon: The senor advisor to the yakuza clan. He usually deals with all administrative matters of the clan; it can range from paper work to signing treaties with other clans and business partners. The saiko komon is the kumicho's right arm, and he is to work together with the kumicho to stregthen the clan's allies and support. He is usually well versed in decorums and is a convincing orator. Sometimes, the saiko komon is also looked to for strategies when it comes to feuds between clans. The saiko komon's position is of the same status as the wakagashira's.

Wakagashira: The first lieutenant of the yakuza clan. Unlike the saiko komon, the wakagashira deals with all military aspects of the clan. He is the general and the leader of the troops if there is need for such measures. He is expected to be the best fighter and specializes in a particular style and weapon. He is to lead all charges and is expected to behave in a manner that is beneficial to all members: mainly to win fights and maintain the lowest number of casualty possible. Every order given to the wakagashira comes directly from the kumicho himself and he is expected to act according to the kumicho's wishes; at the same time, he is expected to protect the kumicho with his life. The wakagashira's position is of the same status as the saiko komon's.

Shateigashira: The second lieutenant of the yakuza clan. He is expected to work for the wakagashira and assist him in all his endeavours. The shateigashira is expected to lead the men if and when the wakagashira is unable to. His duties are similar to that of the wakagashira's, but he does not hold as much sway over the men as the shateigashira.

Chapter One - Amethyst

"No! Please! Stop! I can't!"

Is it a pathetic sight if a man in his twenties is begging for his life in front of a child who has not even reached eighteen? Would the answer change if you were to find that the child holds a knife in his hand and the other bound? It is almost a scene that's just wrong in natural order of things. It is unthinkable, impossible and preposterous. Yet, if it is in an upstairs room of Red Velvet, all normal perception is shattered. In here, nothing mattered other than power and money. If you have the money, you are the boss. If you have the power, you are the boss. Red Velvet, unlike its rival Opiate across town, thrived on the open door policy. It will not turn down a drug addict as long as he is capable of paying the money for a host. In Red Velvet, it's strictly a monetary transaction.

"Since you still have the energy to scream and yell, that must mean you still can."

Hands bound to the head of the bed, Aki twisted and struggled underneath the youth who smirked down at him. Although in his mid-twenties, Aki has retained the baby face and slight figure that makes him the perfect for all those who need to taint a seemingly innocent face. Tonight, when the youth slid his arm around Aki, the host had giggled and led him upstairs.

"No, please don't, I can't!"

Now, bleeding from the cuts that have been made on his body, Aki regretted having gotten himself involved with this client. He cannot imagine the knife cutting into his skin another time, every little bit of him was devoted to thrashing and struggling, wanting to make as much noise as possible in hopes that someone, anyone, would finally take notice and help him.

"Keep on screaming, you sound nice like that." Above Aki, the youth –Ryusuke- chuckled and licked along a freshly made cut above the host's right hip, watching Aki's horrified face. Although some enjoyed this particular form of sexual foreplay, Ryusuke engages in such behaviour merely for power and practice. As the shateigashira of his clan, he cannot flinch when performing punishment duties. So where else can he possibly find willing targets of practice than the hosts that Red Velvet offered? "Now, let's see…" He sat up and slid the flat side of his knife against Aki's limp penis, watching with amazement how the organ twitched and there was a momentary pause in the struggling before Aki continued it with extra fervour. Oh the host is ever more desperate. "Tsk, stop moving! You don't want me to accidentally cut something important, now would you?" His wrist turned and a slash was made on the inner thigh of Aki's right leg. "Oops."

The shrieking that emitted from Aki's mouth surely was loud enough to wake the dead. Just as Ryusuke sat back to look for a gag, the door was thrown open –fuck, did they forget to lock the door?!-. The pane of wood slammed against the adjacent wall and bounced off of it. Both Aki and Ryusuke turned towards the interruption, holding two completely different sorts of emotions.

"Shuusei-san!" The host recognized the third party in the room almost immediately, and cried out for help, twisting in renewed energy. "Please, help me!"

Ryusuke glanced at the host with annoyance before shifting so he could face the third wheel in the room directly. "Yes? How may I help you?" He lifted an eyebrow and regarded Shuusei evenly, as if he owned this room.

At the door, Shuusei glanced from client to host and back to client again. Unlike the flashy hosts that can be found everywhere in this club, he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a button down shirt that was loose around his thin frame. His blonde hair fell just a little below his shoulders in layers, but the most immediate point of notice must be his eyes. Even in a dimly lit room, the pair of violet eyes cannot be disregarded. "What are you two? Idiots? Do you not know how loud you were? Are you trying to wake up the dead?" His voice was quiet and calm, in a stillness that wreaked one's nerves.

"May I remind you that this is a host club? If you are looking for a quiet place to pass your evening, this is obviously the wrong place." Ryusuke retorted with a smile that moved only muscles.

"And if you were looking to rape someone, you'd choose somewhere they wouldn't see your ugly face."

"What did you just say?!" Ryusuke straightened up immediately on the bed; his fingers twirled the knife, making it a point to show Shuusei that he isn't afraid to use his weapon. As if the cut host tied up in bed is not evident enough.

"Oh? Deaf, aren't we?" Shuusei lifted an eyebrow and took his time approaching the bed. "Then I forgive you for not being able to hear the host's screams. However, it's time for you to leave. Aki is obviously not willing."

"You have quite a mouth here, don't you?" Known as a smartass in his clan, even Ryusuke couldn't come up with a witty retort quick enough. "Why don't you make me, little whore? Come on, what are you afraid of?"

Shuusei's eyes flashed and he reached for Ryusuke's hand with the knife without hesitation. His arm forced Ryusuke's arm down and slammed the knife into the mattress between Ryusuke's legs. In the seconds following after, Shuusei placed his face centimetres away from Ryusuke's, eyes to eyes. "Get out."

To say Ryusuke is in shock would be an understatement, for a long moment, he sat rigidly still and gaped at the blonde host. Part of him cannot believe that he was just threatened with his own knife. And yet, when he looked into Shuusei's eyes –violet eyes!-, he had no doubt that this host is capable of just a little bit of threat. He jumped to a startled realization and quickly hopped up from the bed, grabbing the knife with him. "Just you wait!"

Pathetic kid. Shuusei snorted through his nose at the need to have the last word. Straightening up, he looked over at the host. "Shuusei-san…" He moved to untie the younger from the bed before turning to leave; deaf to all calls from behind him. Truthfully, the host had not been too loud, but since Shuusei's room is next to Aki's, even a little creak could be heard loudly. Closing the door to his room, Shuusei sighed and frowned at the sharp pain that throbbed just beneath his right rib cage. Feeling light headed, the host slid down to the floor against the closed door and closed his eyes. In the darkness, he could feel the difficulty of each breath. Tonight is an exceptionally bad night for his body, and he still had to go some screaming kid's ass? Che.

[Hirokin-Kai Headquarters]

"And so you ran out like a little kid?" In the meeting room, the wakagashira was too busy laughing at Ryusuke's retelling of what happened a couple of ago at the host club to even sit up straight in his chair. "Oh God, oh, oh, my stomach." He was doubled over, clutching onto his stomach, unable to stop the laughter coming out of his mouth.

"Oh shut the fuck up!" Ryusuke stretched out his leg and kicked the older's chair with a grudge. "I don't know about you, but I'm only seventeen! I'd rather save my dick than mess around with some crazy bitch of a host!"

"Ryusuke-kun." The saiko komon cleared his throat, making it clear that he did not approve of such improper language in the meeting hall.

"Don't be so stingy, Sumi-jii! Even though you're aging and greying, there must have been a time when your dick was important to you too!" Ryusuke slipped back easily. See, this is what he's supposed to be like! He cannot comprehend how that stupid host was able to silence him with just a few exchanges.

The saiko komon frowned deeply but before he could say anything else, it was evident by the noise from the outside that someone is deeply unhappy; even more so than the saiko komon. The three officers sat up straight just in time for the doors to be thrown open and in came the one they have been waiting for. Behind him trailed a bodyguard who struggled to keep up but was in no state to do so. The three shared a curious look but were not given the opportunity for questions.

"So then, enlighten me! Only the five of us knew where I would be going today and what do you know, when I get there, we were nearly fucking ambushed! Are you saying that I leaked the information?"

"No, no! Kirin-sama, never, of course not!"

"Then whom?!" Kirin fired on. "Him?" He pointed to the saiko komon, Yoozan Sumi. "Him?" He then pointed to the wakagashira, Mayuzumi Ootori. "Or him?!" Finally, he pointed at the shateigashira, Osatami Ryusuke.

Each of them had already put on our business look that is fitful for the highest officers of a yakuza clan. They sat with an air of importance and looked at the bodyguard with a most unimpressed gaze.

"No, no, never!"

"Therefore, that only leaves one more person."

Immediately, the bodyguard dropped to his knees in front of the kumicho, shaking visible to the naked eye. "Kumicho-sama, I beg of you! I swear on the late kumicho that I would never betray you or the Hirokin-kai! Never!"

Kirin looked at him with a deep frown; it was evident that he was torn in his decision making. The saiko komon rose and stood next to the kumicho, looking down at the begging man. "Regardless of whom or what you swear on, the fact still remains. Someone leaked the kumicho's whereabouts tonight and he was nearly killed, that is a crime punishable only by death."

"No!" He crawled forward as if the lack of distance would further benefit his plea. "Kumicho-sama, I would never! Please believe me! I am innocent! I don't know who could have leaked the information! I swear, I did not do it!"

"I trusted you." Kirin spoke thickly, not wanting to believe in this turn of events either. "You've served the Hirokin-kai for the entirety of your life."

"And I would never do anything to displace such trust!"

"By saying that, you are obviously turning the blame to someone else then." The saiko komon carried on easily. "Only the five of us knew about this outing, if you swear that you did not do it, then you are obviously accusing the four of us. Of course, kumicho-sama would never sabotage himself; essentially, you are pointing fingers at the three of us remaining." The three who are the most powerful in Hirokin-kai other than the kumicho.

"How would I know!? Maybe one of you did!"


"Watch your mouth, you punk!"

"Excuse me?"

The room erupted in displeasure; the three accused were not going to let a false accusation put them in a disadvantageous spot either. The four who vied for their own innocence turned the solemn meeting room into a school ground, bickering and arguing.

"Enough!" Kirin's voice rose above everyone else and the room was silent. From inside his jacket, the kumicho produced a gun and the nozzle was pointed directly at the kneeling bodyguard. "Treason is punishable only by death. Anything else you want to say?"

Despite the earlier squabble, when faced with his death, he raised his head and straightened his back. "Even in the other world, I will still advocate for my innocence."

Kirin's lips twitched and his mind and heart fought for dominance. He is not an unreasonable man, but in yakuza, the most important rule to uphold is loyalty. Besides him, the saiko komon looked from the young kumicho to the bodyguard before taking the gun from Kirin's hand. Unlike the kumicho, this hardened man pulled the trigger on yet another seemingly loyal man's life. The limp body fell backwards and sideways onto the floor, blood seeping from the hole in his forehead. It was a disheartening sight to see, especially when it's someone who's been with Hirokin-Kai for his entire life. Heaving a sigh of fatigue, Kirin ran a hand through his head and headed for his seat.

"There has got to be someone who's the mastermind behind all this!"

"To think there is a traitor in Hirokin-Kai who is looking to kill his own kumicho, unforgivable."

Ryusuke looked from the dead body to the kumicho, slouched in his seat and looking more tired than he remembered the older to be. It is a difficult road, to be a kumicho; especially when he is seeking to follow in the footsteps of a wise kumicho himself. Being only twenty-four himself, Kirin is considered one of the youngest kumicho in today's world of yakuza. Having taken from Hirokin-Kai from the previous kumicho only four years ago, there is still great unrest. There was a time when everything seemingly returned to normal, but recently, there have been numerous attempts at his life. All immediate suspects were killed. All immediate suspects have been supporters of Kirin and the Hirokin-Kai for a majority of their lives. Slowly, the kumicho is losing all those trusted ones whom he's known since he was young. This disturbance, according to the saiko komon who's been with the Hirokin-Kai for fifty-seven years, can only be ended in blood shed and a renewed Hirokin-Kai.

"Tanrin," only in a private moment like this will the saiko komon use Kirin's real name "please be careful, but remember that we are all behind you." The older man placed a hand on the younger kumicho's shoulder.

"Yeah, you're right." Kirin offered him a lopsided grin before nodding slowly. "Thank you, Sumi-san. I am thankful that you decided to continue your post as the saiko komon." Of course, to the public eye, Kirin is the untouchable kumicho and the saiko komon will forever be subordinate. However, in private, the saiko komon is like a second father to Kirin; having seen him grown from a little child to becoming the kumicho. The bond and trust between the two of them certainly cannot be fathomed by another. "Now," Kirin then looked over at the other two and grinned widely "why the hell was Ootori laughing like there is no tomorrow?"

"Oh God." Ryusuke groaned and rolled his eyes, slumping back into his chair in defeat.

Without another word, Ootori launched into a quick explanation of what happened at the club for the kumicho to enjoy as well. Ryusuke suddenly wished that somehow he could be the dead body on the floor, such embarrassment! He wanted to nudge the corpse with his shoe but was more concerned about getting his footwear dirty.

"You got chased out by a host?"

"Kumicho!" Ryusuke turned back to Kirin with an exasperated sigh, putting on his best pitiful for the leader. "Will you laugh at me as well? I am already embarrassed and hurt beyond words can express!" Although that was stretching it a little, but Ryusuke did feel the heat of the embarrassment.

"Oh God." Kirin did not conceal the amusement that seeped through his gaze and grinned widely like a little boy. "But still, a host?!"

"You don't understand! He was not a host! He was a fucking demon!"

"Or you are just weak."

"Shut up you!" Ryusuke kicked at Ootori's chair again, wishing for it to be the host instead.

"What did the host look like?"

"I don't know? Old?" Not disgustingly old, but the host certainly was older than almost everyone else. "Oh, he has violet eyes!" Ryusuke snapped his fingers when he remembered that vital point. On second thought, how can he not when those eyes spoke of certain death when he starred into them.

"Violet eyes?" The other three echoed simultaneously.

"Oh wow, so glad that you are all concerned for my well being." Ryusuke rolled his eyes in disbelief. Yes, it is a damn rare eye color, but his pride and joy was almost cut off by said violet eyed demon!

The saiko komon's gaze darkened and he ceased his eyebrows in a frown, all three knew that a lecture was coming. Even the kumicho was ready to distance himself away from the aged man. "It is unwise to get yourself involved with this host." He started. "Or any host for that matter, but especially this one, do not get involved."

"Why not?" Ryusuke perked up and looked at the saiko komon intently. "Don't tell me, you once had something with that host?"

"Absurd!" The saiko komon refuted Ryusuke's tease almost immediately before moving to head for the door. "Heed my warning, stay away from him!" Needless to say, the saiko komon obviously knew something about the violet eyed host that they did not. "For now, please excuse me, kumicho-sama, I have business to attend to." He bowed towards Kirin before leaving. At the threshold, he paused and glanced at the body in the room. "… I will send someone to clean up this mess." And the other three watched him depart with mild interest, as if the dead body did not even exist in the room.

"Now I'm intrigued." The kumicho commented lightly. "A host that has been placed under warning by the saiko komon himself." Then with a toss of his head, Kirin grinned and stood up. "What can a mere host possibly do?"

If this host is a human being, the he is capable of doing many things that all human beings are able of. Everything and nothing. It was almost three weeks later when Kirin saw the front of Red Velvet again. It's a host club that most men have had experience with. Other than the services it provided, yakuza liked to have public meetings in it at times. It's a neutral ground for opposing clans to talk things out, and it's a place that neither clan wanted to destroy. It's rumoured that the owner of the club is backed by one of the largest yazkua clan in Japan. Whether it's true or not, no one's ever attested to that. However, it was enough to place the club under special treatment. Parking his costume made car –red with a black swan wrapping its wings around the car-, Kirin made his way into the club casually.

He wasn't sex starved, but every man has his own biological needs, right? He had no favourites; in fact, he cannot even remember the names of the hosts that he's had in his previous visits. What's worse, there is now a throbbing headache thanks to a certain stubborn kumicho from another clan who did not know when to back off! They say there can only be one tiger in one mountain, there are now two influential yakuza clans in Tokyo. One day, the two of them will have to decide who stays and who packs up and leaves. The dim lighting of the lounge did not irate his headache further and Kirin threw himself down onto the first empty sofa he saw; somewhat aware of the man sitting next to him, but not really paying any attention. Leaning his head against the plush sofa back, he sighed and rubbed his temple.

There were only two minutes of peace and quiet before his leg was kicked and Kirin could feel his anger bubbling.

"Get out of my way."

"Make me, punk." Kirin responded out of reflex, his eyes snapped open to pin onto the person who had kicked him. Reaching out, he grabbed the other's wrist and dragged him back down unceremoniously. "Sit down and shut up, don't make a scene or I'll make sure you die a misery death." He patted around his pocket and found the pack of pills that he was looking for. Ah, he knew he carried this for a good reason before he left the headquarters today. He just knew the other party would give him a migraine. Swallowing two pills dry, he turned to look at his company; one glance and he knew this is a host. "Aren't you incompetent when it comes to your job, not even offering me something to drink? Maybe you should take some of these pills, might help you with your PMS."

Shuusei's eyes twitched and he looked at the man blocking his way with several degrees of displeasure. "I'm a host, not a servant. Besides, why would I serve a man who's busy shoving PMS pills into his mouth?" It's been almost three weeks since he last kicked someone out, he didn't come down tonight in hopes to kick out another client. Rising without another word, he kicked at the other's legs again to make room for himself.

"Fucking pain the ass." Kirin muttered before sticking out a leg to trip over the host, his hand shooting out to grab the other's chin, placing their faces centimetres away from one another. "Don't make me pull out my gun." He hissed and narrowed his eyes. In this close proximity, Kirin could look at the other clearly. Here was a host hard to explain via common terms. He isn't just good looking or appealing to the eyes, something about this host makes one want to desire him and own him. The longer one looks at him, the worse that desire becomes. It was that raw sex appeal and pouting lips that became irresistible. Venturing upwards in his detailed inspection, his eyes locked with Shuusei's and he couldn't help the widening of his eyes.

Violet eyes.

And then Kirin grinned and moved even closer.

"I'll be booking you tonight."

He can always fix the attitude later.

To be continued...

Author's Notes: I hope that within the first two chapters of this story, the mood and tone will be set. This story exists in the same universe as the one presented in Heaven Far Away. Although they are companion pieces, they can be read as stand-alones as well. I hope that you will continue to enjoy this journey with me, thank you!