Chapter 1- Burned

" Maya you had better get up right now, you wont be late on the first day."

My god, that was the third time she's yelled that to me. My mother hated being late. My birthday was in two weeks and I was half tempted to skip school until then, but I knew I would pay for it eventually.

"I'm getting dressed, Woman!" I screamed down the stairs. My door opened as I pulling on my shirt.

"Kyle, the knock before entering rule still applies to you." I said half heartedly trying to brush my hair. He was silent. A few seconds later I understood why, because he spoke.

"I'm not really your brother."

"No." I said simply. He shouldn't doubt that I loved him. No matter why or how. I wonder how he figured it out?

"You knew from the beginning?" he asked. Kyle didn't remember that day at the park, it wasn't hard to see why. We had only been seven.

"Yes. We can talk more at school, I promise, but I don't want to give mom a heart attack." I said and finally looked over at him.

Like every time I looked at him, a tingle spread through my whole body and I went to take his hand. Every once and a while I just needed to touch him. I felt as if I would die if I didn't.

His eyes widened when I let out a deep sigh. I smiled brightly and then he suddenly yanked me flush against him, almost as if he couldn't stop himself, and he probably couldn't.

"Kyle." I said warningly. He blinked, took a deep breath and let me go.

"We have to be careful." I whispered to him. He didn't understand what was happening to us, but I did, somewhat. I walked out of the door, grabbing my new book bag on the way. Mom was waiting in the kitchen with breakfast and I ate hurriedly. She asked where my brother was.

"Mom I don't have a brother, but Kyle is upstairs." The words were forced out of my mouth against my will, shocking us into silence for few tense moments.

She dropped the plate she's been hold and it shattered in the tile. I paused with my fork half way to my mouth. Why had I said that!??

"You know!" she said incredulously. I nodded silently. What had I gotten myself into?

"How long?" she demanded. I was amazed by how much I looked like my mom when she was angry. Her blue eyes got impossibly brighter and her blonde hair practically glowed. It wasn't a secret that my mom was beautiful.

"I cant remember a time when I didn't know. I remember that day in the park, Mom. I've always remembered. Kyle doesn't though."

She was furious, understandably.

"What have you been doing with him?!" She spat. I raised an eye brow. I was prepared for that question.

"Mom, I love Kyle like my brother. That's disgusting. Why would you even say something like that?" I questioned. I was lying of course, but she didn't know that.

She relaxed slightly.

"Why did Mary leave Kyle that day?" I asked curiously. I'd been too focused on Kyle to really listen to what she'd been saying.

"You remember her name too? I don't know."

My mom was lying, but I figured she would. Kyle was coming down that stairs and he plopped down in the seat next to me. He looked depressed so I kicked him. Mom didn't need the stress from him today.

"Oww! Bitch!" he hissed and mom turned red with anger.

"Kyle, I don't want to hear you call you sister that ever again." She said firmly, struggling to be firm. Klye almost never took mom seriously.

"So I can call you that?" he asked with a sarcastic smirk. I kicked him harder. Why did he always pick on mom?

My mom seemed to be thinking the same thing and burst into tears. I was filled with complete anger. Kyle only knew that she wasn't his mother, but he had no right.

"Kyle get out. Now." I said in the coldest voice I'd ever used with him. He looked hurt and was about to speak, but I raised my hand.

"Wait in the car."

He left and slammed the door on the way out.

"He knows he's adopted. He just doesn't know why. I wont tell him if you don't want me too." I whispered. She looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Tell him. Tell him everything. Tell him he can leave and never come back." she said and fled from the kitchen. I grabbed the keys and gave them to Kyle who turned sixteen a month ago.

"She said to leave and never come back." I whispered. It wasnt the first time she's said it too him. She always had a reason too. Kyle relentlessly picked on her for no reason. She forgave him every time, but I hadn't. I might love him, but he was a complete ass.

"I guessed she would. I was just upset that she never told me. Why couldn't I live with my father and mother?" He asked and we pulled out of the driveway.

"Kyle," I sighed deeply " it's a very long story. I have no idea who your father is and I don't think mom does either. Your mother's name was Mary. She didn't want you."

I didn't say it with sympathy. He didn't deserve it right now. My own mother was crying in her room because of him.

"Why?" He asked. His voice wasn't steady anymore. He sounded afraid.

"I don't want to say. You cant remember the day we met at the park and you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Sometimes I don't believe it myself."

He pulled the car over and turned the engine off. I sighed, so much for not being late.

"We have time."

"Kyle…please." I didn't want anything else to upset my mother today. The least I could do was do well in school.

"Maya, tell me right now. What happened that day?"

"We met in the park. Your mom and my mom went to high school together and were talking on a bench nearby. That's when we saw each other. It's kind of fuzzy, but we kissed each other." That was a lie, obviously. I could remember that day with embarrassing clarity.

I was beet red. I was so used to pretending Kyle was my brother and to discuss this with him, it felt strangely embarrassing.

"You're lying. We were only seven and that doesn't explain why she didn't want me." He argued with a pale face. The road we were parked on was completely deserted so I unbuckled and stepped out of the car. I just started walking towards the school. He didn't believe me so what else could I do?

A pair of strong arms gripped my waist and I turned around, prepared to scream at him, but he kissed me.

It was just like the first time, except we knew what we were doing now. He pulled me closer and closer until not one part of my body wasn't touching his.

Smoke. I could smell smoke. So much smoke. I pulled away coughing but I couldn't breathe! I dropped to my knees, needing to breathe, but the air just wouldn't come. It hurt so much, the fire, and I still couldn't breathe.

"Maya!?" Kyle's voice cut in through the chaos and he grasped my shoulder and I could suddenly breathe again. I clutched my self to him, trying to catch my breath. Now I understood what he went through almost nine years ago.

"Maya? Your…burnt…" He said in awe. I could feel it now. My skin was seared on my forearms. It was numb at first but now it hurt so much. Tears streamed down my face as I struggled to speak.

"Hospital, Kyle." I choked out softly. It hurt so much.

He understood and carried me to the car. He made sure not to touch the burns and I passed out from the pain before we were even a mile down the road.

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