And then I saw her. I dont' know how long she was standing there, or what had made her decide to stop in this area of the park, but I knew right then and right there that I had to talk to her, had to know who she was, had to get inside her mind.. I was so drawn to her.

I'm not sure what it was exactly. She had blue eyes, just like many of the other girls around here. But these were different. They were deep, exotic, beautiful. I wanted so much just to take her into my arms right then and there and compare her eyes to the rest of the night sky and the universe seen beyond what anyone had seen before. But there would be no point in comparing them.. her eyes had stars in them much brighter and more beautiful than the rest of the solar system.

Maybe it was the way her hair hung in her face and fell in little ringlets, or the fact that she was just standing in the rain, enjoying the quenching of mother nature's thirst. Her jeans were clinging to her legs, and her jacket was dripping. She was beautiful, in a way I could not describe with words in a thousand, no, in a million years. She was carrying a bag on her shoulder, almost filled to the breaking point with books.. I tried to read one of the titles, but they were at an angle I couldn't get around. I glanced back up at her face to see if she was still staring upwards at the glassy sky, and caught her looking right at me. Oh, oh no. Am I staring? I think I'm staring. I look down.

As I sit here staring at my lap and at the notebook I was just writing in, I wonder to myself, is she still staring? Is she gone? Has she decided to look back up at the rain and ignore me completely? I want to look back at her. I want to stop fiddling with my pen.. but what if she's still staring at me? What if she thinks I'm insane? I can't twiddle my thumbs forever.. And if I look up now I might get one last chance to gaze at those eyes.. I look up.

She's sitting right next to me. I start. I was wrong about her eyes. They're not blue, not like every other girl around here. Dark blues and deep greens mix throughout her eyes. . Her eyes are even more astounding this close. She's smiling in a coy way, like we have some secret I'm unaware of. Her gaze shifts, and before I can say a word or argue, her lips are crushing mine.