Letting you go was a tough thing to do.

I had moved on and I didn't even have a clue!

I thought I was still holding on.

But then I just woke up one day to a new dawn.

When you pass, I can feel my heartbeat steady.

I have moved on already.

I can't pretend that nothing's left there.

I can't pretend that I still don't care.

But I don't feel so much of pain.

I don't feel that rush of love again.

When I see you, there's no fluttering of my heart.

I don't miss you so much when we're apart.

I don't long for you everyday.

I don't memorize every word you say.

I don't love you anymore.

Of this, I'm finally sure.

(A/N: hopefully I got it correct. I'm the family-and-career girl so love isn't my specialization :P)