Author's note: There is an actual plot to this story. There will also be a lot of explicit sex scenes. The first few updates will have a good deal more of the latter than the former and there will still be quite a bit of sex even once the plot gets going (the main characters are prostitutes, after all). If you don't like that kind of content, then this is definitely not for you. If you do decide to read, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on any aspect; narrative, description, characters, plot (when it starts to take shape, at least), setting, anything. Thank you.

Marie fished her cigarettes out of her small purse and lit one up as the taxi pulled away from the curb and accelerated away. She took a long drag as she put the half empty pack and lighter back in the purse and dropped it to hang from her shoulder, letting the menthol smoke overpower the taste in her mouth. She resisted the urge to count the wad of bills tucked into the bottom of the purse, knowing full well that it was exactly one hundred and twenty-two chips worth; her earnings for the night minus three for the pack of cheap smokes she'd bought at a convenience store to replace the one she'd depleted while walking what felt like half the streets of New Las Vegas and loitering on half as many corners. The sun was going to come up soon and she'd only turned three tricks, two of them quickie blow jobs in the back of cabs. At least her latest customer was polite enough to not kick her in the ass on her way out of the vehicle like the first jerk.

She looked around and realized she didn't know where she was. The only thing she had bothered to verify before getting in the taxi had been that the guy in the back seat had twenty-five chips to pay for her services and she hadn't exactly had a good view out the window with her head in his crotch. Exhaling a double lungful of smoke with a tired sigh, she picked a direction and started walking. At least the weather was starting to warm up a bit as dawn approached. She'd spent half the night shivering in her near nonexistent outfit. The bright green spandex miniskirt that hugged her modest hips and clung to the underside of her firm buttocks did nothing to keep her warm or hide the black thong beneath it, and her bikini top, black to match the thong, barely covered the nipples of her B-cup breasts.

A slight breeze tugged at her red dyed hair, pulled up into a high ponytail atop the back of her head to reveal about a quarter inch of pale brown roots. She wore her hair that way because it looked just trashy enough to attract attention but not so much as to turn off most prospective clients. That and a lot of guys seemed to like something up there to grab on to while enjoying her company, her most recent customer being just one example. She was quite certain she knew how to suck a dick better than he did but also didn't care if he wanted to jerk her head around a little bit as long as she got paid.

A few cars, all more taxis, drove by her as she walked but nobody in them was interested in picking up a hooker so she ignored them right back. She'd burned through over half of her cigarette by the time she got to the end of the block and groaned as she read the street signs. She was at least three miles from her apartment. The buses wouldn't start running for at least a half hour, she didn't want to waste money on a cab, and she'd already done enough walking tonight to be sick of it. Glancing around the intersection, she saw a green neon sign three doors down to her left reading "Rick's Hash House." Figuring that a drink and a spliff would be worth it to help her forget about her shitty night while waiting to catch a bus, she headed over to it, grinding the remains of her cigarette beneath a high heeled shoe just before walking through the door. A soft chime rang as she entered.

She took two steps inside and paused to glance around the interior as the door smoothly slid shut behind her. It wasn't much better lit than outside, with small hooded lamps sitting on tables providing tiny islands of illumination like streetlights spaced along the night streets. A spiral staircase off to the right led up to the second floor, which consisted of a wide balcony running around all four walls and lined on the inside with tinted windows of private booths. Soft music played, some kind of twangy stringed instruments meant to sound relaxing. She only saw people sitting at four tables, three by themselves and one couple, all either sipping on drinks or puffing on joints, none with any air of urgency as a single waitress slowly wandered through the mostly empty establishment. The bar was the brightest part of the place with a trio of florescent lights along the wall behind it to display shelves of liquor bottles and samples of various forms and grades of marijuana.

Not wanting to bother waiting on the waitress, Marie walked across towards the bar, noticing that she wasn't the only working girl with the idea of stopping as the night came to an end. The girl sitting at the middle of the bar was obviously another prostitute, wearing a top of the same style as Marie's except that it was bright red and a matching undersized leather miniskirt, slit nearly all the way up both thighs. She had her bar stool turned around and was sitting in it backwards as she leaned over the backrest with the bottom of her skinny ass in clear view of anybody looking in her direction and her long, caramel tan legs splayed out around the sides of the seat. The straps of a black g-string rode up over her narrow hips and her straight black hair, a few inches shorter than Marie's, was stuck up and out to the sides in pigtails atop the back of her head. Marie wasn't feeling very social and the establishment's current patrons didn't show the least bit of interest in the other girl's obvious advertisement, so she stuck to the left of the room and sat down on the second to last stool against the wall.

The bartender, who had been refilling a box of cheap joints on the back shelf, turned and walked over to her. He was a little taller than average but otherwise unremarkable with a medium build, short cut dark brown hair and wearing a green bar apron over a light blue t-shirt. "Rough night?" he asked.

"Sucky," Marie grumbled as she leaned onto her elbows. "Or not sucky enough. Depends on how you look at it." The bartender chuckled lightly and then leaned over the bar a bit, not even pretending to be doing anything but checking her out. She didn't care if he looked her over like a piece of meat; attracting such attention was the exact reason why she was dressed like she did. "Like what you see?"

"A bit," he shrugged, straightening, "but not enough to drop any money on it. Anyway, it looks like you came in here to pay me. What'll you have?"

Too much to ask for a break at the end of the night, apparently. "Gimme a shot of High Roller, a Snake Eyes, and one of the cheapest joints you got."

"Big spender," he said as he turned away to grab a narrowly rolled joint from an open box behind him, tossed it on the bar next to her, and then turned back away to get her drinks. "That'll be nine chips," he called back without turning his head. High Roller and Snake Eyes were a whiskey and a beer produced locally on New Vegas and the planet's arid climate wasn't well suited to agriculture. She held the joint up to her nose and sniffed it. Definitely locally grown as well. Whatever, it was good enough to kill some time and she hadn't made enough to spend on imported stuff. She held off lighting it, though; that cigarette had covered up the taste of semen but hadn't gotten rid of it and the only two things she knew of that High Roller was good for were obliterating any lingering tastes and making Snake Eyes taste good by comparison.

The bartender returned with a shot glass and a longneck bottle, and she handed him a pair of five chip bills from her purse then immediately tossed back the cheap whiskey. Oh yeah, that definitely got rid of the jizz taste. She took a sip of the beer to wash down the harsh liquor and had just pulled out her lighter to spark the joint when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to look at the waitress, a moderately attractive but clearly middle aged woman with hair that was just as clearly not naturally blond. The other woman jerked a thumb over her shoulder.

"Fella in the booth over there wants to know what you'll charge to go over and suck him off. Says to send over whichever of you or the skinny whore with the handle bars names a lower price."

Marie looked in the indicated direction and saw a young guy in a booth beneath the far balcony wearing a uniform shirt from a mid-rate casino sipping on a tall draft of dark beer. Probably just got paid, she figured. "Fifty," she said and then turned back to light her joint as the waitress walked away. She normally charged half that for a blow job and there weren't many people around, but it was still a public place. Clearly such exhibitionism wasn't prohibited here if the waitress was conveying the offer, but most prostitutes in NLV preferred to at least try to maintain some semblance of public decency and professional respectability. Still, prostitutes made a living by selling themselves and the going price for a working girl's dignity was generally double the normal price.

She took a deep hit on her joint and held it in for a few seconds, then let it out slowly through her nose while glancing to her right with her eyes only, not turning her head. The waitress was standing next to the other hooker, who lifted her own bottle of Snake Eyes to her lips and threw her head back and drained the last of it, then sat it back down on the bar and hopped back off of her stool. Apparently her answer was less than fifty. Marie took another sip of her beer as she watched the other girl walk over to the guy's booth. She tapped a finger on the table, apparently naming her price, and he produced his wallet, pulled out a couple of bills and dropped them in front of her. Then, with a smile, he twisted half sideways in the booth, leaning back against the wall and tossing his left leg up along the back of the bench and said something Marie was completely unable to hear across the distance but, from his expression and the way he gestured towards his crotch with both hands, she could guess the general idea and it wasn't exactly polite. It wasn't like the girl was going to balk or even blush from offense or embarrassment after agreeing to suck his cock with money already on the table, though.

She simply moved into the booth with him, placing her right knee on the seat next to his left and stretched her other leg down under the table and obediently reached down to undo his pants. A few seconds later she leaned down and showed no signs of complaint as he grabbed her by the pigtails and impatiently pulled her face down into his crotch a second sooner than she would have gotten there on her own. Positioned as she was, her skinny light brown ass was in plain view of the entire bar and the g-string beneath her skirt left just about nothing about her nether regions to the imagination. A quick glance around the room as she took another, lighter drag on her joint confirmed that Marie wasn't the only one watching as the guy repeatedly yanked the girl's head upwards and shoved her face back down onto his cock. Marie couldn't actually see any of his body below his chest except for part of his one leg because the girl's exposed ass and half concealed genitalia were in the way, but she could tell by the way he was moving that he was also thrusting up into her mouth each time he shoved her down. She had been on the receiving end of the exact same treatment herself too many times to count.

His dick was going as far into her mouth and throat as it could reach about twice a second as he energetically and unapologetically fucked her face with a big, happy grin on his own for about a minute and a half until he pulled her down yet again and this time held her there. He twisted and wriggled her head by his grip on her hair, grinding her face into his lap. Then he shifted her back away from his body just a bit and shoved her down even harder, saying something down to her as he did. Marie had no doubt he was commanding her to take his balls into her mouth along with the entire length of his dick and wasn't willing to wait for her to take her own time about doing so. The girl's body twitched as she barely suppressed a gag reflex. He used his grip on her hair to roll her head around in quick little circles atop his cock and her torso spasmed as she struggled to manage not choke. Her balance wavered and she reached her left hand up to steady herself against the tabletop, but he apparently took that as a sign of rebellion against the meeting of his cock and her tonsils and let go of her hair with his right hand just long enough to deliver a quick slap to the side of her face as he snapped something at her. She quickly withdrew her hand from the table and tucked it submissively against her side. She probably also let out a pitiful sounding whimper over whatever moaning, grunting, or other sounds she might be making; Marie didn't need to actually hear the sound because she'd done the same damn thing plenty of times, once with her first customer earlier that night in fact.

Luckily for the skinny whore, she didn't have to suffer choking on her client's meat for long. Letting out a quick series of grunts that Marie was pretty sure she could actually just barely hear across the room and wasn't imagining, he yanked the girl's head back up and jammed it down more forcefully than quickly as opposed to earlier. He held her face down there for about a half second, then lifted her and slammed her down again. And again. And again. He held her down longer this time, grinding and rolling her head around for a few seconds then lifted her back up and thrust her face back down once, twice, three times and then just held her tight against him for a few seconds, leaning his head back against the wall. Then he drew her up more slowly and pulled her down likewise a few times looking down and speaking to her softly. He pulled her up again, slowest of all, and lifted her lips up free from the tip of his cock and tilted her back so she was looking up at him. He whispered something and smiled, probably having her open her mouth to give him a look at the come that he'd just unloaded into it. He held her like that for a good ten seconds, looking supremely pleased with himself as she remained obediently still except for a few barely perceptible nods of her head while he whispered to her. Finally, he said something else and the muscles of her neck twitched as she swallowed.

He pushed the girl away from him and fastened up his pants as she backed out of the booth, grabbing the money from the table as she did so. Her expression was impassive as she walked back to her seat at the bar, her tongue slipping out and running along her lips to make sure no semen had slipped out. Ignoring the glances of the bar's other customers, she sat back down just like she had been when Marie had entered, backwards on the chair with her legs wide and her ass sticking out as she put the bills into her purse, which she'd left on the bar, and waved to the bartender for another beer.

Marie took another hit on her diminishing joint and tapped the ash off into the tray in front of her as she heard the door chime. She casually glanced over her shoulder to see who was coming in.

To be continued...