"Whoa, whoa. What the fuck is going on in here?"

The guy walking in the door was moderately tall, fairly muscular looking, and wearing loose fitting black pants and a white button-up shirt beneath a buzzcut and small, round, dark tinted sunglasses. Two more guys looking just like him but a little bit slimmer and without the shades followed him in.

Jersey boys, Marie thought. The exact kind of men that she had left her own home planet to come to New Nevada and work as a whore to avoid. Well, there were other things she had left to avoid, but douchebags like these guys were high on the list. On the other hand, she thought, they do usually pay pretty good when they come here.

She took another hit on her joint, which was fast becoming a roach, while deliberately not looking back at the three guys as they approached the bar. She caught their leader in the corner of her eye as he leaned onto the bar.

"Yo, barkeep," he shouted much louder than necessary, "get me a bottle of decent shit for me and my homies here, and a couple of blunts!"

The bartender slowly turned and headed in his direction, clearly unimpressed. "Define 'decent.'"

The idiot in the shades just looked at him. Dumbass.

"How much are you paying?"

"Oh," apparently than made sense to the idiot, "how's two hundred?" He pulled a couple bills out of his pocket and slapped them on the bar.

"Now you're talking my language," the bartender said as he turned around, grabbed a bottle from the shelf behind him, and placed it on the bar. He snatched up the bills, tucked them into his apron, and pulled three shot glasses from beneath the counter and set them on the counter. Then he turned around and pulled a pair of dope cigars from a lower shelf and tossed them onto the counter.

The guy made a show of opening the bottle and taking a swig from it before handing it back to one of his buddies. The other grabbed the shot glasses and the blunts.

Marie slowly and deliberately lifted her beer to her lips and took a sip.

The obnoxious asshole noticed.

He walked over, took a step back behind her and made a show of checking out her ass. She just took what should be the next to last hit on her joint.

"Oh, baby," the guy said, "is this one of those famous New Vegas whores?"

"Yeah," she said without bothering to look at him, holding in her smoke.

"So what's that fine looking ass cost?"

"Depends," she said as she breathed out a lung full of smoke through her nose and arched her back to perk up her ass on the rear of her chair, "what do you want to do with it?"

"Mmm," he said. Good, he's interested. "I want to bend that ass over a table right here, spank it red, then bang it nasty!" He pumped his hands next to his hips and made a few pelvic thrusts, as if the message wasn't clear enough already.

Ouch, she thought. Seriously, she was used to rough stuff, but that didn't mean she'd ever started liking it. Still, every girl charged extra for that kind of shit, and this would count as public, which meant double. She could really use that cash, which meant that she needed to take whatever this asshole had to give.

She looked over at the bartender and raised an eyebrow. He just smiled and shrugged. That meant an OK. It probably meant he just wanted to catch a free show, really, but as long as she got her money Marie didn't really give a damn. Waking up sore was better than waking up broke, and she had rent to pay.

"Five hundred," she said, taking another hit on her joint and feeling it burn her fingers. The douchebag leaned back.

"Five hundred?" he asked. "That sounds pretty damn expensive for a bit of pleasurable company!" Marie just turned her head and looked him in the eyes, or as well as she could with him wearing those stupid shades.

"You aren't negotiating for 'pleasurable company,'" she said as she pointed the tiny remnant of her joint at him and turning it around in her fingers to get the last bit from it. "You want to make me your bitch in front of your buddies and anybody else watching. Believe it or not, but I do have dignity. It's for sale, though, just like my ass is. The price for both, here and now, is five hundred chips. Take it or leave it."

He took a step back and looked her over again as she sucked down the last hit from her joint. She tried to make a show of not feeling anything as she put it out in the ashtray. She'd been holding the damn roach between her fingernails and it still burned.

"Alright," she heard, then she saw a quintet of one-hundred chip bills slapped down on the bar in front of her. She flipped up her eyes and saw the bartender just grinning at her.

Here we go, she thought as she gritted her teeth.

She felt a hand grab her ponytail on top of her head and let herself be yanked around and out of her stool. He was paying good money, after all. She stumbled across the floor for a few steps before getting hit at her waist by something solid.

A table. The right side of her face felt the wood of that same table a second later as she was bent over it. The guy's hand released her hair and slid down her naked back, pausing to untie the back of her top and then stopping to press down on the small of her back with his other hand yanking down her thong and spandex skirt. Both articles of clothing, such as they were, came to rest just below the cheeks of her ass.

She knew what was coming. She had been told. She honestly didn't want anything to do with it, but the money was already out there, on the bar. She really had no choice.

Marie took a deep breath, braced her feet on the floor, straightened her legs, and stuck her butt up slightly higher up into the air than it already was and mentally braced herself.

She felt the first sharp sting of an open hand on the right cheek of her ass.

She yelped. Well, it was more like a squeal, or maybe a squeak. The sound a guy wants to hear when he spanks a bitch.

She was his bitch. That was her job. The five hundred chips in cash on the bar made her his bitch.

So she did her job and kept her ass up up in the air as he lifted his hand from the small of her back and spanked her on her left cheek, eliciting another yelp, then another firm hand to her right cheek got another yelp from her. He proceeded to spank her left and right, back and forth, and she yelped like a good little bitch each time. It wasn't really very hard to act the part because that shit actually did sting against her ass.

"Aie, yow, yai, ah!"

Marie wasn't sure how long he spanked her but her ass was definitely stinging and red by the time she felt the guy's hands clap down on both cheeks and squeeze. The hands kneaded her flesh a bit, and then she felt yet another smack on each cheek as he clapped down on both sides of her ass at the same time. She automatically let out an obedient sounding moan as he squeezed her ass again.

Then the hands left her ass and she heard the sounds of a belt buckle unfastening and a zipper.

Here it comes, she thought. She sighed to herself and with conscious effort managed to keep her asshole from tightening up. That would just make it hurt more, so she relaxed her muscles and prepared to accept him like a good little bitch.

A hand grabbed her by her ponytail again and yanked her head straight and back. She gasped as his elbow leaned down into her back, pinning her to the table and briefly pushing the breath out of her chest.

"Oh, baby," he told her, "you aren't going to forget this!"

She felt his dick bounce off of her right ass cheek as he slapped her with it a few times. She couldn't see it but it felt like he had some good size to him. Damn, she thought, I probably am going to remember this for a good while. Then an alarmingly large dick was suddenly and forcefully jammed up her rectum.

Oh, shit, she thought as she gasped aloud, he's big!

She screamed. She squealed. She was rocked back and forth against the table with only her own tits for cushioning. She was far from inexperienced but the cock that he was shoving up her ass really hurt. She should have demanded he use lube but it was far too late for that now. She squealed and screamed while getting drilled from behind, her head held up and yanked back as his hips repeatedly slapped into her already warmed up ass. She could barely catch her breath between pained cries.

It hurt. She was forced open. Wider than was natural. Roughly. She'd taken anal sex many times before but she couldn't remember ever receiving an ass pounding quite like this. She kept a vial of lube in her purse and used it when somebody sprung for anal but between the prospect of good money after a slow night and the joint she'd been smoking she'd forgotten about anything like that. By this point she had no option but to take it as he gave it to her, hard, fast, rough, and raw. His hips slapped against her still stinging ass cheeks repeatedly rhythmically and his balls bounced on the back of her pussy with each deep and powerful thrust. She squealed with each thrust but it still built up, and eventually she couldn't help but let out a long, loud shriek that could probably be heard out on the street.


The thrusting stopped. The dick was still balls deep up her ass and she breathed heavily as she felt more of his weight leaning on her back. She felt his breath on her ear as he spoke, his voice carrying through the otherwise silent bar.

"You like that, bitch?" She couldn't find words but knew he wanted some kind of response so she just moaned. He chuckled a bit, sounding satisfied. "Oh, I ain't done yet, bitch. I'm gonna get my money out of this fine ass!"

Her head was still being held back by her ponytail as that big and wide shaft resumed rudely thrusting into her anus every half second or so. She lost track of time and closed her eyes. Her ass was warm. She was pretty sure he was still spanking her even while he fucked her, but the only thing she knew for certain was that there was a large dick in her ass and it was going in and out. In and out. Again and again and again.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck ow! It's in my ass! It's fucking huge and it's in my ass and it's going in and out and it's still in my fucking ass!

She wasn't sure how long she endured her sodomy but she was honestly thankful when she felt cool air against her stretched sphincter and the hand holding her by the hair yanked her back and around and pushed her down to her knees.

She felt jizz on her face.

Damn, my ass hurts.

She felt his dick push against her lips and opened her mouth to let it slide in. She instinctively sucked.

"Oh, you like that?"

She just moaned and sucked. It came out of her mouth. She felt a tapping on the side of her face, then he rubbed off the last bit of come onto her. She heard a zipper again.

"Clean yourself up, bitch."

She ran a finger around her face. There was something on her left cheek, just under her eye, and next to her nose. She pushed it down into her mouth with her finger. She tasted it.

Oh yeah, jizz.

She sucked it into her mouth, thought to open her eyes and looked up at the guy and did her best attempt at smiling with his jizz covering her teeth as she pulled her finger out of her mouth.

He reached down, grabbed her by her ponytail, jerked her up and spun her around, slapped her once more on the ass, hard, getting an automatic yelp from her (seriously, that stung), her thong and skirt still around her thighs, then pushed her away and kicked her firmly in her reddened and sore ass.

She caught herself against the bar with her face just in front of the money he'd laid down there before having his way with her. She looked up and saw the bartender smirking like an idiot. She ran her tongue over her teeth and swallowed.

She reached down and pulled up her thong and skirt. The soft fabric stung her bruised flesh as she did so, and the strap of her thong felt like sandpaper against her still gaping asshole. She snatched up the money from the bar, stuffed it into her purse, turned around, and walked out of the bar, grabbing her top from the table that she'd just been bent over and sodomized upon as she passed.

She was going to be sore tomorrow but at least she'd made enough that she could sleep in.