Chapter 1

One morning 16 year old Lauren is eating breakfast at her kitchen table in DC at her dad's and is forking her at her food.

''you okay hunnie?'' Larry asks her sipping his coffee in his suit and tie at the counter

''yea fine why?'' Lauren questions her

''I just miss Peter that's all.'' Lauren tells him

''I know you do hunnie.'' Larry tells her

''so have you talked to him at all?'' Larry asks her

''no not since our chat date on Sunday night.'' Lauren tells him

''awe that's too bad.'' Larry says

''yea he keeps missing missing our chat dates so he owe's me big time.'' Lauren tells him

''well I'm sure he's just been busy and will come around and be able to char soon hunnie but I'm also sure that he loves you very much.'' Larry tells her

''yea I guess.'' Lauren says

''what?'' Larry questions her

''nothing.'' Lauren says

''hunnie?'' Larry questions her

''nothing I just..'' Lauren says and stops

''yea?'' Larry questions her

''I just wish that I could go over there and see and be with him.'' Lauren tells him

''mmm What?!'' Larry says sipping his coffee

''yea.'' Lauren says

''hunnie noo it's too dangerous over there for you it would make me worry even more so much.'' Larry tells her

''I would be in a safe place on thier compound or whatever they call it.'' Lauren tells him

''nowhere over there is a safe place even even when your on the road your vehicle could be blown to pieces by underground bombs.'' Larry tells her

Lauren drops her fork and cries into her hands.

''oh sweetie.'' Larry says and puts his coffee down and goes over and rubs her back gently