Chapter 1

One morning Lauren is coming back to her aunts apartment in NYC when Peter is locking his door in shorts,a tang top,and sneakers and sees her.

''oh hey I'm Peter.'' Peter introduces himself

''Lauren just blushes I'm um Lauren.'' Lauren introduces herself to him

''so you live um in there?'' Peter asks her

''with my aunt yes.'' Lauren tells him

''oh well she's nice lady.'' Peter tells her

''yea she is she is and you've met her?'' Lauren asks him

''yea we are good friends.'' Peter tells her

''oh well uh go...good.'' Lauren says

''okay, well I'll see you later

''uh yea o...kay sure have a good run.'' Lauren tells him

''thanks.'' he smiles and leaves

Lauren smiles and unlocks the doorand goes into the apartment.

''hey sweetie that's a pretty big smile what's going on?'' Her Aunt asks her

''nothing just uh met this guy in the hall he runs.'' Lauren tells her

''oh Peter.'' Her Aunt says

''yea.'' Lauren says

''he's a nice guy you should get to know him more.'' Her Aunt tells her

''oh um yea maybe.'' Lauren tells her

''going to work today?'' Her Aunt asks her

''yea in a little bit I should start getting ready though.'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Her Aunt says

''okay.'' Lauren says and goes to her room to get her things to bring to the bathroom to start her shower