Inside this girls rib cage beats her heart,

The heart that keeps her all being alive

Pumping loud through her little veins

And letting her live another day.

What no one can see through this girl,

Is the hurt and pain that flows through inside her chest

Where that tiny organ beating called her heart

That beats, faster and faster through each moment.

This girl wishes that just once someone would care

For the lost soul, and terrified teenage girl

Who fends for herself every single day,

Trying to make what's best that comes her way.

One chance, just on the girl hoped for

That maybe one day her prince would come

And then sweep her off her feet

Mending the small thing that beats away inside her chest

But thinking to herself, she knows it will never happen

Or come true in the messed up world that she lives in

So sitting, crawled up in her room the girl stays

And the broken heart in her chest keeps on beating.