Chapter 1

One morning Lauren is getting ready to get in her car to go to school and throws her bag into the car when she comes out and sees Peter getting his mail and smiles and waves and walks down her driveway to talk to him.

''Good Morning.'' Lauren says

''Hi.'' Peter says

''how are you?'' Lauren asks him

''Good I'm Peter Krause your new neighbor.'' Peter tells her

''I'm Lauren...Lauren Graham wait you're Peter Krause Peter Krause like the actor Peter Krause?!'' Lauren questions him kind of excitedly

''yea yea that's...that's me.'' Peter tells her

''wow it is soo nice to meet you!'' Lauren tells him

''yea you too.'' Peter tells her

''so um I have to get to school but um would you like to come to dinner tonight Daddy and I would love to have you?'' Lauren asks and tells him

''oh um.'' Peter says and thinks ''okay sure.'' Peter tells her

''really?'' Lauren questions him him

''yea I'll be there.'' Peter tells her

''okay dinner's at 7.'' Lauren tells him

''okay I'll be there have a good day hun.'' Peter tells her

''yea you too it was nice meeting you.'' Lauren tells him

''yea you too.'' Peter tells her

Lauren smiles and walks back up the driveway and gets in her car and goes to school.

Peter waves to her and then goes back inside his house.