Chapter 1

One late afternoon Lauren is sitting outside in a rocking chair on her wrap around farmer's porch at her and Peter's new house on thier new apple orchard and winery when Peter comes out with a mug of hot green tea for her.

''here.'' Peter says handing her the mug

Lauren takes the mug from him ''awe thanks hun.'' Lauren says

''welcome.'' Peter says and sits down in the other rocking chair next to her and pats her thigh softly

Lauren looks around.

''what sweetie?'' Peter asks her

'nothing I just love that this is all ours and you bought it all for me!'' Lauren tells him

Peter laughs ''yea.'' Peter says

''I had to buy it you loved it and The Henry's really wanted to sell it to us.'' Peter tells her

''it's getting chilly out here.'' Peter tells her

Lauren just shrugs ''still nice.'' Lauren tells him

''the ground must be warmer than the air it's getting misty or dewey or foggy or whatever it is out there over the vineyard.'' Lauren tells him

''yea.'' Peter says

''so are you happy?'' Peter asks her

''I'm soo happy babe.'' Lauren tells him and kisses him

Peter holds her cheek ''mmm good.'' Peter moans in her mouth and tells her

''I could see us with children here.'' Peter tells her

''what?!'' Lauren questions him

''oh I mean not now but in the future.'' Peter tells her

''why are you talking about that? We just got married!'' Lauren questions and tells him

''I know but I said in the future.'' Peter tells her

Lauren just ignores what he said and just rocks watching the vineyard then finally talks.

''I want childen too.'' Lauren tells him

''you do?!'' Peter questions her

''yea of course I do baby family means everything to me!'' Lauren tells him

''okay okay.'' Peter says