the words were slipping down the pock-marked walls,
descending across the tarnished banister and staircase;
(how many feet had pat-pat'd up and down, up and down—?)
sliding effortlessly from those icy, raw lips,
and ghosting across my face in a cold shiver
as the intention sunk deep into the numb folds of my brain.
(but i was allowed to show no shock)

"i'm not afraid to die."

the words rang in the air with that last gunshot
as the flames lapped at our heels,
devouring the remains of that promise
that strung out between us, now soaked in oil
and gasoline—my head spun
with the sulfur weighing down my limbs;
our bodies taken by the very force
that we scorned and spited.
"i'll be your detonator."

but i saw the fear flickering in your eyes before it all came to an end.
(never have i ever—betrayed sisu)

a/nSort of went for a apocalyptic war-like scenario.
...With the Finnish.
Didn't quite turn out right.
music'The Difference Between Us' by The Dead Weather.