Hey Y'all! Okay so this is my first story that I wrote for fiction press so, be gentle! Okay, so I've written a couple stories for fan fiction, but this is my first story with my own characters and my entirely own idea! I hope you enjoy! By the way, this is just the prologue…..

Kira POV:

I was born and raised in a government facility off the coast of Baja California. It was a small island not recorded on any regular map and private land so no one could explore it. I spent my entire 17 years training there. Training for what? You might question. Training to become stronger, smarter, better at what I was destined to be. My name is Kira and I'm a slayer.

It all started on a regular day, a normal Saturday. I finished 'Gun Handling' and was headed back to my bunk, and that's when I saw him. I was supposed to be a secret. No one knew about me. The 'Training Facility for Top Priorities' or 'TFTP' as it was called, was for the training to become a slayer, butcher, slaughterer, or a killer. There were only few people training to be slayers, since it required many skills, no average person could possibly have, but I was no average person. Another thing you should know about the 'TFTP' was that it was for young men only. The government believed that women could not handle any of the jobs people training here might possibly have. That was why I was supposed to be a secret. I'm not the only one of my kind, but I am the only female.

My bunk was hidden in the forest that surrounded the island. This island was approximately 12 miles in circumference, once a vast forest blanketed the entire island. After the government had found it, they had cut down a wide circle in the center which would later sprout the beginning of the TFTP. Only one with top skills in locating and infiltrating could possibly find my bunk. The forest was a big place. My classes were separate from the other trainees and my mealtimes were different. I was the government's secret weapon. Only few people knew of my existence, and most of them were located here, on the island.

I saw him in the forest. He must have been training or something, but nobody came this far into the forest. It was dangerous, and all had been warned of the consequences of coming here. Somebody was bound to defy the rules and come out here, but I hadn't thought it would be him. This him in question was none other than Daemon Grant. Everybody knew of him. He was supposedly a prodigy among the others, supposedly a 'good' boy. Yet, he would be the only one stupid enough to come out here. His mapping skills might be good, but in order to get out of this forest, they had to be great. That was why my cabin was located here. It was a wonder, how he came this far.

Daemon hadn't noticed, because I was good at sinking into the background. Ever since I'd been here, I was the background. Always watching from afar, and listening when nobody was looking. I was trained to be an infiltrator whom would kill form the inside. Daemon, on the other hand, was training to become a slaughterer. No doubt he was the best at his work, but he was still training. He had only been here for a couple of years, and yet he was already top of the class. No wonder, why they specifically chose him, to work for the government. Like all the other people, they were all hand-picked by government officials due to their test scores and potential. Unlike me, who was born to be a slayer, formed to be a slayer, created to be a slayer.

I hadn't realized, but my breath had quickened and could easily be heard from the distance Daemon was from me. He turned in my direction and I held my breath. Some slayer skills I had. I couldn't help but think. He took a step closer to me.

"Who's there?" His voice showed urgency. He had just talked to a potential threat, one of the worst things you could possibly do if you were a slayer. No wonder he was a slaughterer. He took a couple more steps closer to me, his feet showing not a hint of trying to hide his presence. "I know you're there. I could hear you breathing."

I stopped breathing, when I heard his voice on the other side of the tree stumped I was currently hiding behind. He took another step around the tree as did I in the opposite direction. Unlike his step, mine was untraceable. He took another, then another, and by then we had completely switched places. I backed away from the tree, silently but quickly and when I knew he could no longer see me though the underbrush, I turned and ran. That was the closest encounter I had had with ANY-body who was NOT allowed to see me. I finally reached my cabin after a couple minutes of sprinting, but I wasn't out of breath. I was trained to be able to get out a situation, quickly if need be.

Why was this boy out here in the woods in the first place? I thought. He knew it was forbidden to go out there, so why? I was confused and shook it off. He would probably find his way back, right? Oh, well his fault for venturing out into unknown territory, especially restricted, unknown territory. I changed my combat boots quickly into a pair of slip-ons, and my green shirt and khaki pants into something more comfortable for bed. More like a white t-shirt because I could only wear the clothes I was provided with.

As I lay on my bed and sat in my small, dark, secluded cabin, I thought about Daemon in the woods, all alone, doing something he shouldn't have been doing. I would have to tell the masters, but what would become of Daemon? NOBODY did anything they weren't supposed to do, so nobody knew the consequences. Could the consequences be elimination or just an absence of meals? I didn't know, but as I drifted off to sleep, I had decided. I wasn't going to speak about my current event, not until I found out why he was in the forest this night. This night in which would start the happenings that would change my life, forever.