This is a new story I have been working on. I have put it in separate chapters, and this is the first, the prologue. Please rewiew and enjoy!


The rain poured and the wind howled, and the clouds started to darken. Another November English storm has lashed London City. Thunder deafened the ears of panic-stricken London residents, and the lightning thrashed the high-rise buildings, which lit up with light like a light bulb. The Thames River next to the London Eye created massive waves, which flung boats in all directions. The London Eye its self started to shake with the inconceivable wind, just like an earthquake. Hail started to fall in lumps as big as golf balls, so nearby winter shoppers fled into the first shop they could find, to escape the heroic drama. The large hailstones smashed car windows of parked cars, scattering glass everywhere with the sudden impact.

But high up above the gruesome weather, high up above the pitch black clouds flew a camouflage army plane gliding smoothly through the sky. This fully armed plane was flying towards Berlin in Germany ahead of an army-training course, which was going to be held a day later. This plane had departed two and a half days ago from Indianapolis in the United States of America. This plane was going to have a short visit to London though…ahead of some very important business.