The television was on, but the sound couldn't match the rumbling and roaring of the motors.

The midday sun shone high up in the sky, and reflected the light on the paint of the plane.

Down below the rows of apartments stood, one line after another, gradually rising to become high-rise business buildings.

The Big Ben proudly stood, the English flag at the top of the pole, fluttering beautifully.

The Thames River only produced a small swell, creating boats bobbing up and down softly.

Mark Hush had been awake the whole flight from the Amazon in South America, to London in Britain, because he couldn't wait to be home.

He was dressed in a nice polished suit, that the flight assistants had given him for the landing of the plane.

By the time Mark told the hotel receptionist, the whole world knew about Mark's finding, and he was immediately transported by a jet dreamliner to London, where he would show his video to London people, and the movie would be broadcast around the world.

This is why Mark had to be dressed up in a nice suit, to greet nearly the whole of London, and be on live television.

Mark was nervous, but it was his day to shine.

Mark was expected to show his presentation at two o'clock that day, after lunch with the Queen and the Royal Family.

Mark couldn't wait, and touch down was any minute. He stared outside, and noticed that they were going lower and lower, and after a while, the plane touched down.

The dust at the back flew wildly, and the whole plane shook. The airport whizzed past, and gradually the plane slowed down.

Mark pictured all the apartments in his head, and he felt so happy that he was home. The endless rows of apartments was what Mark lived in, and not a hut in the middle of the largest rainforest in the world.

Once the plane stopped, and the motors had died down, all the blinds in the plane slid down, so Mark couldn't be seen just yet.

Mark was also looking forward to lunch with the Queen, so he jumped to his feet, jolted over to the door, which was opened by a guard of the Queen, but before that important meeting he was bombarded with camera's flashing, and people shouting, and that was just the first step in London.


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