The spider is super genetic with a tectonic plate of exoskeleton. It's dark, very dark, and I'm holding a metal cylinder, both ends closed off. I'm staring at the spider, it sits in a corner of a dark cupboard, snarling viciously at me. I have no idea how, or why I must kill it, but I know I must. So I reach out to smash it with the cylinder, but it's much too late. I see a flash of red to my left and begin a chase around the shrinking cupboard. The black widow spider bares its fangs at me and makes a grab for my hand. I try to scream, but I'm unable to. I run out of air as it sinks its teeth deep into my skin, I feel now pain. Merely a weakening of strength, and fall to my knees. What else was I suppose to do? Kill it? I couldn't remember.

Suddenly the spider died, it's legs curling up and disappearing immediately.

I wake up.

Author's Note: Now think about what you just read. Sounded bizarre right? Surprisingly it wasn't too bizarre compared to some dreams I've had. I was reading a book (A very good book I might add) and I was instructed to do a few writing exercises. This was one of them. "Write down the first dreams you remember…don't mention that they are dreams". I'm not sure I'm allowed to advertise books here, so just ask me in a message if you're that curious. But anyway, This was an exercise, and I figured, HEY why not put it up? Just so I could get feedback on your immediate reactions. No I don't need critique, but I do want to know what you guys think. Thanks!