Authors Note:

Sorry I haven't been writing a whole lot lately, but heres a short little something to add onto Opposites Attract. Thanks for reading!



I started a painting today in Art of a couple holding hands while walking down a boardwalk. Our assignment was to paint a scene based on an emotion that we pulled from a hat. Of course, I pulled a piece of paper labeled 'love' as the emotion I had to convey. It made me jealous sometimes, seeing couples together, it made me wish that I had someone to hold hands with, to hug and to kiss. I hadn't been thinking about it too much anymore though.

Since I didn't really know a lot on the subject of love I painted what I thought love should look like, how you see it in movies. I know that love in the movies is nothing like love in real life because men and boys just don't have what it takes be Price Charming these days. But can't a girl hope that somewhere there is a real Prince Charming for them? Most girls probably do but I'm too ignorant for that. I live off of facts, not fantasies—even though I would kill for a fantasy of my own.

The lunch bell rang shortly after I'd done the first coat of paint on my canvas. Thank goodness for that because I sure as hell didn't know how to paint a happy couple. I have my plans, but I need the emotion behind it. Anyone can paint a couple but to be a real artist you have to paint the emotion of the scene into peoples' minds. You have to paint that look that says "I love you". It's surely impossible. I'm no artist.

I'm in so much trouble...

Emma's waiting for me at the door of class. As I walk up to her I anticipate what she's going to say to me. To tell you the truth I'm kind of scared about what she's going to say to me because of the horrible note that we left on before class…

"Charlie!" She smiled as if everything was perfect while running up to me as I got near her, "What emotion did you get? I got 'depression' it's so lame!"

"Uhh…" I struggle with my words for a second, "I got 'love'."

"Wow! You're so lucky! I wish I had that." She shook her head. "So, are you going to eat lunch in your tree again or do you want to eat with me for once?" she said hopefully.

"I was going to go home… I have a spare last block so I was just going to go home and get a start on my homework." I said unenthusiastically.

"Oh… well do you mind if I stop by later?" she starts walking down the hallway and I follow her like always.

"Go ahead, I'll leave the door unlocked, just let yourself in." I shrug.

She spins around fast and gives me a bear hug. "Kay, thanks Charlie! I'll see you later."

Emma always seems to surprise me. One minute she can be like The Wicked Witch of the West and the next she can be like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Even after all the time I've known her I still can't seem to get used to how much she has changed. We were both really different when we were younger… but she changed more than I did. It's scary how much someone can change in a little over a year.

My thoughts are filled with Emma as I walk down the hallway, through crowds of people, and up the stairs toward my locker. My eyes are at my feet so I don't see the vulture hovering over me until I reach for my lock and he slides between me and my destination.

"Excuse me Ms.—wait, I don't even know your last name…" I look up to see an attractive-as-ever looking Bayden standing in front of me.

I giggle like a little girl, which probably make me seem pretty stupid, but I do it anyway. "My last name's Parker."

"Well, Ms. Parker, how's your day been so far?"

"Fine, I guess." I look behind him at my locker, "Do you mind?" I eye him and then my locker again.

He fake-ponders for a moment before stepping out to the side.

"How's your official second day as a Springfield Secondary senior?" not noticing my tongue-twister until it came out of my mouth. I fiddle with my lock almost idly as I wait for his response.

"Really well actually, I drove to school with a gorgeous girl and made my way through all my classes before lunch without getting lost. I believe those are quite high accomplishments." I can almost feel the boyish grin emanating off of his face. Wait, hold up! He just called me gorgeous.




My fingers slide off my lock as my brain tries to process what Bayden just said. Holy crow… No one's ever called me gorgeous before other than my parents, and Emma, but they don't really count.

"Did you just call me…?" I try to work past my lips, but the words end up coming out like a half-whisper.

I doubt he heard it, but if he did he didn't answer. Instead he asked, "Do you need help with that?" chuckle, "…and here I thought I was the new student who needed help with regular student protocol, like opening a lock."

"No thanks I'm fine." I try to shake the stupid out of my head as I do my lock. Thankfully, I do it right this time and have it open within a matter of seconds. I slide my art binder into the bottom of my locker while placing my pencil case on the top shelf before grabbing my favorite red sleeveless hoodie. I slide it on and zip up the front of it in a jiffy.

"Are you leaving?" Bayden asks.

"Yeah, I have a spare next block so I was going to go home and get a fast start on my homework for tomorrow..." I look up to see his stupid tracings green orbs.

"Oh… I was hoping to eat lunch with you." The slightest hint of sadness crosses in his eyes.

"I could leave after lunch?" I offer before processing my thoughts. It seems that I do that a lot with him, which is odd because I'm usually a very factual and well thought through thinker. Wow, there's another one of those tongue twisters. "Or you could come over after school?"

My parent never care if I invite people over, they're never home usually anyway. They're both doctors that met at medic school, so they are barley ever home. They almost literally live at the hospital. I've learned to take care of myself well over the past few years.

"Sure, thanks Charlie."

"It's no problem… really." I smile clumsily before turning around to pack my bag and close my locker up. "Where are you thinking about eating?" I'm begging him not to say the cafeteria. I hate the cafeteria. It's so loud in there… and there are way too many pairs of eyes to stare at you there. I've always preferred quite places, places where I could think instead of not being able to hear myself think.

"What about that tree we ate in yesterday?"

I take a sigh of relief and smile, "I love it up there."

"I can tell. I saw the way your breath hitched at the thought of eating in the cafeteria." He beams mockingly at me, giving me a quick flash of his perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth. Was there anything about him that was wrong? Was there not one infraction on his body?

We made our way outside and to my tree. I held his and my knapsacks as he started climbing up the tree. I let him climb up first so that he wouldn't get the unfortunate view of my butt falling out of my shorts. He reached down and collected my bag for me and hoisted it up to the tree along with his. After the he and the bags were stable I made my way up the tree, getting up there twice as fast as he had. He had longer legs but I had more practice, I perceived.

Once we settled on the branch Bayden brought out a sandwich and pop from his bag like the day before. I crossed my legs and looked out over the open courtyard. "Do you want half?" he holds out half of his sandwich towards me.

I shake my head, "No thanks, I'm not hungry." It wasn't a lie either.

He shrugs and doesn't push it. We sit there for a minute in silence as he eats and I think. It's not really an awkward silence, but I wouldn't call it peaceful either.

"You sure your parents won't mind if I come over after school?" he asks with an empty mouth instead of in mid-chew like many boys in the school talk.

"My parents a rarely home, they're both doctors. I see them about twice a week, maybe four or five times if I'm lucky." I sigh quietly, hoping he didn't catch it.

"That sucks… don't you miss them a lot?"

"Sometimes, but I've kind of gotten used to being alone. It's always just been Emma and me or just me by myself. You just stop thinking about it after a while; it becomes a normal routine I guess…" I look up above us to higher points of the tree while my thoughts float by their lonesome in my head.

"In that case… why don't I pick you up after school and we can go over to my house?" He offers. I don't know why he does, but he does.

I glance over at him curiously for a second, "That sounds great."

"So I'll pick you up around three twenty-five?"

"Okay." All of a sudden I'm feeling giddy for some reason, not that I should. It's a weird feeling. It's different. And I'm feeling more excited than I have in a really long time, which makes it even weirder.

We sit just like that for a while. And it's nice, really nice.

After about ten minutes of sitting in silence I can't help but look over at Bayden to see what he's doing. I find him looking at me. When our eyes touch and hold, I feel blood rising in my cheeks. Great time to blush… I immediately want to diverge my gaze from his but it doesn't seem to work. My lips part with a sharp intake of breath. Then I lick my lower lip and I see his eyes look down to see my tongue brush my lip.

At that moment he looks like he wants to kiss me. Which should really sound crazy… but for some reason it doesn't. And I want to kiss him too. Even though I've only known him for just about a day and I don't know anything about him… I can't help but look at him right now, see the way he's looking at me, and want to kiss him. But I can't be sure if he actually wants to…

All my doubts are spelled away when his eyes close and he leans in closer to me…