Chapter 1

One night Lauren and Peter are sleeping in bed with Lauren's hand on Peter's chest when Peter wakes up when he hears the toliet flush down the hall and Lauren starts to wake up and looks up at him.

''what babe?'' Lauren asks him softly

''nothing just the toliet flushed and it woke me go back to sleep.'' Peter tells her

Lauren sits up and rubs her eyes

''babe what's wrong?'' Lauren asks him

''nothing it's just I think that Lindsey wasn't lying to us this morning when she told us she was sick.'' Peter tells her

''oh and why is that hun?'' Lauren asks him

''because that's like the 10th time she's gone into the bathroom today.'' Peter tells her

''well babe she's a 13 year old girl going thru puberty and the change maybe she got or is getting her period.'' Lauren tells him

Peter looks over at the clock and sighs.

''what hun?'' Lauren questions him

''nothing just that I have to go and help coach Drew's baseball game tonight.'' Peter tells her

''okay I'm gonna go check on her I'll be back.'' she tells him and kisses him softly

''okay.'' Peter says

''I love you.'' Lauren tells him

''love you too.'' Peter tells her and tries to go back to sleep

Lauren walks down to the bathroom door and knocks

''Linds sweetie?'' Lauren questions

''no go away Mom!'' Lindsey tells her

Lauren smiles ''Linds sweetie it's okay I know what's going on with you.'' Lauren tells her

''Mom Please!'' Lindsey says

Lauren waits outside the door patiently.

Lindsey opens it slowly and looks up at her.

''can I come in?'' Lauren asks her

Lindsey just nods letting her in and locks the door behind Lauren and goes to sit on the toliet with her feet up on it with her head resting on her arms on her knees

Lauren ''aww sweetie.'' Lauren says running her hand thru her hair

''it hurts so much.'' Lindsey cries

''shh I know baby you finally got it?'' Lauren asks her

''uh huh.'' Lindsey tells her

''we talked about this you're gonna be just fine you're finally a little woman now baby mommy is just so proud.'' Lauren tells her

''Mom!'' Lindsey says embarrassedly