Tainted Blood

Book One

Chapter 1

The girl's caramel brown shoulder length hair glinted under the moonlight as she raced through the city. Her heart was pounding rapidly as she glanced back every so often to see if her pursuers were closing in.

This girl was accustomed to running away from the supernatural creatures that came at night to prey on humans. However, Lillie Ezrae was not one of those humans. She wasn't human but a demon.

"C'mon don't make me run, little girl! I just wanted to play," the creature sneered landing before her. Lillie squeaked as she stepped back. The creature looked like a winged blue monkey with beady eyes and serrated teeth. It grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall of a building nearly knocking the wind out of her.

"I hate acting... like an innocent… little… girl," Lillie breathed as she took out a butterfly knife whipping it open and stabbed it into the creature's chest. The creature loosened his grip on her and she quickly twisted its arm as she cut upwards slicing it in half.

"You bruised my neck," Lillie muttered rubbing at her neck wincing in pain. She kicked the creature's motionless body before turning around to leave the scene.

Suddenly the creature got up to attack from behind. A blond haired male landed behind it and, in a swift motion, slammed the creature head first into the concrete. The concrete cracked as the creature's blood began to soak into the concrete.

"It proves pocket knives are useless," the male said obnoxiously giving her a crooked smile that almost seemed cocky and bad boy like as he ran his fingers through his hair. His green eyes glinted with amusement at Lillie's facial expressions as she absorbed the situation.

Lillie looked in shock as she stood there for a moment before saying anything looking aggravated while shaking an accusatory finger at him," Stark... you were here the entire time, weren't you?"

"You certainly bring sunshine into my world with all the gratitude I get from you," Stark commented with a wry, cocky smirk. Lillie gave him a droll stare.

"Don't smirk at me with that… smirk of yours! You almost got me killed! What were you doing," Lillie cried pointing an accusatory finger at him.

"I decided to finish off an apple I was eating. I can't waste food," Stark answered coolly. Lillie gapped.

"I was in danger of being mauled by some... mutant monkey freak and you were too busy eating an apple because you didn't want to waste it," Lillie cried hysterically," You're supposed to protect me from dying! That's what you do." Stark raised an eyebrow.

"You mean that was a threat to your life? You didn't look in danger," Stark remarked nonchalantly. Lillie gave him a death glare.

"I hope you choke on an apple in the near future," Lillie screamed turning on her heels to leave when the creature rose from behind Stark. With quick reflexes, Stark grabbed the creature's wrist and threw it over his shoulder towards Lillie. Lillie leaped on top of it in mid air and beheaded it with her butterfly knife. Its headless body skidded against the concrete with Lillie sitting on it.

"You really are a mess. You need a shower," Stark commented in an obnoxious tone. Lillie wiped the blood off her face as she gave him a droll stare.

"You threw it at me! You really suck, you know that?"

Stark continued standing there crossing his arms and the arrogant smirk plastered on his face.

"Where are you going?" Stark questioned as Lillie to turn around exasperated.

"HOME!" she screamed at him angrily. Then she stopped abruptly and then began stomping in the other direction. Stark bit his lower lip to stop himself from laughing as Lillie mumbled under her breath," It's actually this way."

Stark snorted at her.

"Still can't find your way home? Lucky I'm here for you," Stark said in an obnoxious tone causing Lillie to groan at him.

"Oh sorry I'm not a compass," Lillie cried with an underlying tone of sarcasm in frustration. Stark began to follow behind her and chuckled evilly.

"Do you need me to take you to school tomorrow too," Stark teased.

"I won't get lost going to school!"

"Uh huh."

"I got lost… only twice… Three times… Okay, maybe ten…"

Stark smirked in amusement as he shook his head.

"Let me triple that... "

A pocketknife flew past Stark's head as he dodged it easily and then began laughing evilly.

[End ch1]