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Tainted Blood

Book Five

Chapter 118

Varen spun the bladed disk in his hands as he brought it down on Stark, who was standing there unmoving. However, Auryn managed to get in between them using his hands to stop it from coming down on him.

Stark could feel a pain in his stomach like he'd been slashed but it wasn't him. An image of Lillie looking horrified flashed into his mind.

Auryn grimaced as the bladed disk came closer to him. Varen didn't hesitate to push down on the bladed disk attempting to stab it into Auryn while it spun.

"You're always in the way," Varen snarled viciously and then smirked bitterly," I don't blame you though! That's the curse controlling your actions."

Auryn was barely able to hold onto the bladed disk as it cut into his chest. He was dripping cold sweat. He felt somewhat dizzy needing to step back to use his foot for leverage. Right now he was forcing himself to stand.

Suddenly, Alana appeared beside Varen slashing her scythe horizontally in front of his face causing him to let go of the bladed disk and leap back away from the scythe's trajectory. Auryn dropped the bladed disk to the ground and was about to collapse to the ground when Stark caught him before he did. Stark set him down gently. A hint of concern flashed across his green eyes.

Sorry, little brother… for putting you through so much...

"Why were you just standing there," Alana snapped at Stark," You're lucky to have a brother who defends you despite being so sick."

Stark smirked obnoxiously.

"It's the curse. It's what he's suppose to do," Stark said arrogantly. He looked at Varen and gave him a cruel smirk," You were never worthy of anything, Big brother."

Stark raced off causing Alana's eyes to widen in surprise.

"HEY YOU! Don't just run away after pissing off the enemy," Alana cried after him as she turned back to Varen," Nice brother you have there."

Varen began to change into his demonic form as he clenched his teeth. He raced toward Alana a wicked, bloodthirsty aura surrounding him.

"A brother I'm going to rip into shreds after I'm through with you!"

Loki had a troubled expression as he stared unblinkingly at the tattoo on the back side of his right hand and his hand felt like it was on fire. He could feel an odd pain in his stomach and his left shoulder but it wasn't his pain he was feeling. He frowned. Then suddenly an image flashed into his mind causing him to quickly race off.

Kaden gapped as Loki ran out of the kitchen catching the male off guard.

"HEY! Who leaves a sixteen year old kid alone with a guy who has a sword," Kaden cried after Loki as he shoved the male back roughly. The male attempted to stab Kaden with his sword as Kaden disappeared like an apparition.

"Why did I come back here," Kaden's voice echoed sound irritated. The male scowled.

"Why the hell are you asking me," he snapped.

"Who said I was talking to you? I was just talking to myself," Kaden exclaimed as he suddenly appeared behind the male slashed him across the back. When the male turned, Kaden wasn't there anymore.

"Get out here you brat," the male cried," I don't have time to play games!"

"In a hurry to save Seth? Why are you all so trusting of him," Kaden questioned. His voice echoed around the male.

"He gave us purpose," the male answered as he scanned the area slowly," Kyranos… is practically gone after Kalis died."

"So… it just means you can't think for yourself," Kaden retorted his voice continually echoing. He appeared beside the male about to slash him but the male slashed the sword quickly at Kaden. Kaden faded away," You might need glasses if you couldn't see through that!"

A blur slashed the male across the chest causing the male to slash wildly at the air. Then a shock jolted him from behind.

"Get out here… before I just start destroying this entire area," the male snarled in irritation," Don't waste anymore of my time."

Marik breathed raggedly as he dodged the attacks the male before him was delivering. The male was leanly muscled and had tattoos along his left arm. He had long bangs that reached his chin and his hair was cut short.

Marik scowled. The male was constantly in too close range to fight with his long ranged guns. He had started the fight in the entranceway and moved into a study room where books lined the walls. Now they were mostly destroyed.

"What's wrong? Can't shoot? Am I too fast," the male sneered suddenly appearing in front of Marik. He punched him causing Marik to fly back into one of the shelves of books on the wall nearly knocking him out. The books fell onto him. Marik stood up as he pushed the books away from him.

"Why are you attacking?" Marik inquired.

"Saving Seth and along the way killing a few," the male said with a wry, wicked smirk. Marik stared at the objects in the room and then smirked. The male raced towards Marik just as Marik shot towards a metal statue. The bullet knocked off and then ricochets off of a mirror and hit the male at the back of the head.

The male fell to the floor before his punch could land on Marik. Marik stumbled back as he shook off the dizziness from being hit so many times.

"That… was easy."

He stared at the deceased male on the floor. The back of the male began to break apart caving inwards as his brain seemed dissolve away. His entire body began to crumble like dust from the poison within the bullets. Marik took out a case of bullets. There were about fifteen bullets inside the case.

The same material that made those immortal hunter daggers... I only have a few bullets left.

Zarik raced after a male with light brownish blond short hair and then tackled him to the ground.

"You aren't getting any further," Zarik snapped. The male slammed his head into Zarik and crawled away from him. Then the male kicked Zarik causing him to grimace as he held his face. Zarik shot an ice ball straight at the male causing him to turn into an ice sculpture. Zarik frowned," That was—"

However, he spoke too soon as he saw the ice beginning to melt and turn into water on the floor. The male laughed as a ring of fire surrounded him.

"Freezing me won't be so easy. Fire beats ice."

Zarik raised an eyebrow as he gave a smirk.

"Are you sure about that? I might prove you wrong!"

Seth was smirking wickedly as a female with a mask stood over him.

"Took you long enough, Hanna," Seth said. Hanna took off the mask and smirked.

"Hey handsome. Guess I should free you huh?"

"Yes, you should. Now I'm just waiting for my puppet," Seth sneered. Hanna raised an eyebrow looking confused as she grabbed the chains.

"Puppet?" she inquired.

"Yeah, he's bringing me Lillie. Then Radon will definitely have to thank me."

Hanna broke the chains as she tried to hide her true feelings remembering what Jayce had told her.

Gain Seth's trust… Maybe he'll tell you about Radon considering he's a guardian of his… Don't let him take Lillie into that liminal realm, or everything will be over.

"You're free. What are you going to do," Hanna questioned as Seth stood up. He had an evil smirk across his lips as shadow entities slowly began to envelop him.

"Kill her guardians, then no one will save her."

Hanna almost stepped back from the sinister powers she was sensing coming from Seth. However she stood her ground staring at Seth unblinkingly but deep inside she was brewing a storm on what she should do.

This is… dangerous for me… I don't want to kill Lillie and her friends. How can I gain his trust if I don't?

[End ch118]

End Note: Hope you enjoyed this chapter with all the fighting. Wonder what's happening with Lillie. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Auryn when Marik shot that guy with his bullets. Find out in the next chapter!