Tainted Blood

Book Six

Chapter 135

Lillie flipped back away from Caleb's claws as she grabbed his wrist and kicked him in the stomach. She took it as leverage as she kicked Caleb across the face but Caleb had grabbed her leg. Lillie grimaced as she attempted to use her other foot kick him but fell on her stomach. Caleb moved into attack with his claws.

Lillie quickly turned to block Caleb's claws with her hands. When her palm hit his, a force came outwards causing the trees in a radius of 10m to be leveled. Caleb arched a brow at her.

"Is this… why you kept making me beat you up?" Caleb snarled. Lillie gave a small smile. Her aura was a calm blue as she emanated the power she had when she was fighting Celeste.

"Been trying to figure out how to use it… I kind of wonder what else these powers can do," Lillie questioned. Caleb frowned.


"I'm half god… Those powers got overshadowed by the Hellraine powers," Lillie exclaimed and held up her bracelet," Apparently this bracelet only seals demon powers. Doesn't really work with god powers."

Caleb blinked for a long moment speechless.

"… Lillie… since… we do have a blood bond to which makes me your guardian… what the hell am I?" Caleb questioned in a deep, husky voice. Lillie frowned and gave a small shrug.

"You're special?" Lillie said with a smile. Caleb scowled.

"… That doesn't make me feel better."

"This truce is only going to last until we find Lillie or Alana. I don't want to be with you any longer than I have to… stupid violent one armed demon punching me in the face," Ren exclaimed rubbing his nose," I saw ducks for a few minutes!"

"I said truce without knowing what the hell I was trucing about," Kain muttered and then continued," Now I'm stuck with you! Well… at least… I won't be alone. I could really use a friend."

Ren was looking at him suspiciously.

"Is there something I should know about you," Ren inquired. Kain's eyes widened and then backed away from Ren.

"What the hell are you implying?" Kain snapped at him and then realized what Ren was trying to say," I don't swing that way!"

"Good… that means I won't get a surprise grope out of no where. I'll tell you this one guy I had no idea he did swing that way… Before I could stop it, the guy suddenly grabbed my cro-" Ren was interrupted as Kain put his hand up to stop him from talking anymore.

"Just stop talking please… I don't want to know," Kain said rubbing his temple. Why was he stuck with this weird vampire? Ren frowned.

"What the hell do you mean? I punched the guy straight through a brick wall."

"I'm beginning to wonder… Did you get dropped down the stairs too many times?" Kain questioned. Ren seemed to be thinking hard about it.

"It might have to do with this werewolf smashing my head into the cement a few times. It may have knocked a few screws loose."

Kain gave Ren an incredulous look.

"May have?"

Stark stared blankly up at Radon.

"Hm… It feels like I'm talking to a ghoul when I talk to you. You give me no feedback or answer or any sort of emotion," Radon remarked and then said more to himself," I've been wondering… why you always disappear into the human plane…I have to get the darkguards to drag you back."

Within Stark's green eyes, there was a glimmer of emotion that passed through for a second. He automatically reached into his jean pocket to grab the small metal pocketknife but it was gone.

An emotion he didn't feel in a long time overwhelmed him and it sickened him.


He didn't understand why he had this emotion. He hadn't felt anything for what seemed to be a long time.

Radon was giving him a curious expression and then had a sly smirk on his face.

"You do know… I have a plan for you."

Loki looked deep in thought as he watched Tobias, Kai, and Ezio leave the mansion. He hadn't finished looking around but with those three there he couldn't take his time to look. Loki had heard what they were saying.

"Guardians… That's what I am, huh?"

They made it sound like it was a good thing he had sold his soul so that he was able to maintain what every living being seemed to have. The only thing he had lost was his memories.

[End ch135]


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