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Obsidian eyes opened. A long, slender limb uncovered that blanket that covered her. She got out of bed.

'knock knock'

The door opened. "Lady Sanguine, are you awake?"

She looked at her maid who was peering through the sandalwood double doors. "Come in." Her monotonous voice floated across the room.

Sonia entered the room with a smile and immediately started brushing her mistress's waist-long hair. "Lady Sanguine, you're so beautiful!"

She looked at herself in the mirror – big onyx eyes with long fluttering lashes, a button nose and luscious red lips stared back. Her silky long hair was being held in Sonia's hand as the servant gently brushed her locks. Her flawless complexion, translucent milky skin was what made her so enchanting.

She looked on, as Sonia got her ready…

Descending the stairs, Sanguine was greeted by the maids of the household. "Good morning, lady Sanguine!" They all chorused as they bowed forty-five degrees at their young mistress.

"Ah, Sanguine! You're here!" Her father exclaimed, sitting at the dining table.

"Our beautiful Sanguine is finally up!" Elizabeth snorted as she turned back to her meal. "Ah, you're right sister Elizabeth! Our dearest sister is finally up!" Catherine agreed with a fake smile.

Sanguine lifted her dress as she did an elegant bow. "Good morning: Father, sister Elizabeth, sister Catherine."

The two blondes just looked at her with contempt and once again regained consuming their food with a 'hmph!'.

Sanguine joined them for breakfast.

Evening was approaching. In the horizon, a horse carriage with white horses could be seen. Their destination was the Bathory household.

"Welcome! How nice to see you again, sir Neville!" Mr Bathory greeted warmly as the man exited the carriage with two young men – From their appearance, one is a noble, and the other was probably his servant.

"Mr Bathory! Good day to you too! Oh yes, this is my son, Ludwig!" The handsome man with long, brown, wavy hair took off his tall hat and greeted his father's business rival.

"Good day, Mr Bathory. I am Neville Ludwig, currently twenty-two. Nice to meet you." He took a bow.

"Oh, what a fine young man! Please, let's talk more inside my humble abode." Mr Bathory led the way.

"My jewels! This is sir Neville and his son, Ludwig. Now, introduce yourself."

The three ladies stood up. "My, what a fine man." Elizabeth bowed. "Bathory Elizabeth, pleasure to meet you." Ludwig took her hand and brushed his lips gently over her knuckles. "You're beautiful yourself, Lady Elizabeth." She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously.

"My Lord, my name is Bathory Catherine. Please to meet you." She bowed gracefully, stealing the attention of Ludwig from her older sister. Elizabeth briefly frowned. "Another young pearl, nice to meet you too." He did the same with Catherine's hand.

As he looked up, he saw the epitome of an exquisite gem. She bowed slightly, and he was enchanted by her. "My, my… What do we have here? She's… Perfect." He took her hand in his as he knelt. "May I have the honor of learning about my lady's name?" She looked at him, "My name is Sanguine, Bathory Sanguine."

"What a beautiful name, befitting of a beautiful woman!" She bowed, "Thank you, my Lord, for the compliment. I do not deserve it."

Elizabeth and Catherine looked on in distaste. It was always her that got the exceptional praises, always her that caught the men's eyes, always her!

"No, no. That couldn't even begin to describe your appearance! May I know… If your highness is taken?"

Mr Bathory interrupted with a boisterous laugh, "Oh, no! My dear Sanguine is only sixteen!"

"Marvelous," Ludwig smiled. "Is my Lady interested to enter a courtship with me?"

The man once again laughed, "Of course! A lady can only hope to enter a courtship with a man as fine as yourself! Isn't that right, Sanguine?"

She looked at her father, his silent order hanging in the atmosphere. She bowed again, "Why, of course, my Lord."

She could not sleep. The bright moonlight shone on the rose garden of the Bathory family. Sanguine sat at the fountain, just staring into space.

The bush rustled.

Alarmed, she looked to her left. "… Who?"

Suddenly, a man appeared from within the bush.

He had short black hair which was quite messy – his clothes implied that he was a servant. Since he was not of the house, he must be Neville's servant.

They stared at each other for what seemed like eternity. It was he, who broke the contact.

"Ah…! I'm sorry, really! I had no intention of looking at your highness with my filthy eyes! Please pardon my rudeness!" He prostrated himself before her, trembling.

"… No. It's alright." He looked up at her with his brown eyes. "The night is beautiful."

"Ah… Yes, indeed." He slowly stood up.

She smiled.

The bell chimed.

It was her wedding day with Ludwig.

Her father had accepted the proposal on her behalf.

Walking down the aisle, she spotted the nameless servant. Her eyes drooped, just a little as she looked at his smiling figure from behind her veil.

Her obsidian eyes closed, shutting out her emotions once and for all. It was just her selfish desire, the selfish desires of a doll…

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