Title: Everything For Nothing

Author: Absolutelyabby

Rating: T (might be a little more later on, but I will clearly mark the chapter I have in mind as a higher rating and make it easily skip-over-able :))

Summary: When Clara gets a scholarship to a prestigious all girls' school, she finally gets a big change in her life. She heads to Cardonne Valley Academy for Girls with enthusiasm, but if she had any idea what was in store for her when she got there, she might have been a bit more cautious.

Warnings: Homosexual content and semi-graphic sex scene near the end (which will be very clearly marked)

Author's Note: Enjoy and please review!

Everything for Nothing

Chapter One

Clara carefully folded her favourite blue t-shirt and placed it in her suitcase with the rest of her clothes. She was incredibly nervous to be starting at a new school, but at the same time, she was excited. She had never been away from home for more than a couple of nights at a time, and now she was going off to a boarding school Clara's mother hadn't stopped crying since Clara had gotten her acceptance letter. Cardonne Valley Academy for Girls is a very prestigious and exclusive school. Clara was thrilled when she got her acceptance letter.

Finished packing, Clara zipped up her suitcase and hauled it downstairs. Her father had already loaded her other bags into their tiny car. Her mother sat at the kitchen table, crying. "Mom, I'll be ok. I'll call you. Every day." Clara tried to reassure her sobbing mother.

Forcing a smile, her mother said, "Oh you'll be much too busy for that. You'll have too much homework."

"I'll still call." Clara told her. "Or write. You know how I love getting mail."

"Are you ready to go?" Clara's father interrupted.

Clara nodded. She took a deep breath and said a silent goodbye to the house she had grown up in.

It was a six and a half hour drive to the school from Clara's house. Clara watched the rolling hills fly by through the car window. She thought about everything she was leaving behind: her friends, her family, her school, her home... she would miss them all. But Clara needed a new adventure. She needed change. She was fifteen years old, and she needed something different, something to keep life interesting. She applied to Cardonne Valley Academy (CVA) without her parents' knowledge. She wasn't really expecting anything to come of it, but when she got her acceptance letter not a month later, she was shocked and thrilled.

Lost in her thoughts, Clara didn't even notice as they pulled up in front of the school. When they suddenly stopped, Clara was jerked back into reality. Suddenly nervous, her heart sped up.

"We're here." Her mother whispered.

No one moved for a moment; everything was completely still. Clara took a deep breath, reminded herself of how much she wanted this, and stepped out of the car.

It wasn't a huge school, but to Clara it seemed like a castle. It was four stories high with white pillars outside the front door. The entire building was made of a white stone. The school was very secluded in the valley; trees surrounded it on all sides and a river ran behind the school. Accustomed to prairies and being able to see forever, Clara felt slightly claustrophobic surrounded by hills.

Clara slowly trekked up the enormous stone steps to the front door of the school, her parents' right behind her. She pulled open the heavy main door. The inside of the school wasn't quite as fancy as the outside. It seemed to Clara to have a homier feel. The floors were carpeted and the walls were painted dark, warm colours.

Clara's mother walked straight to the front desk where the receptionist greeted her. Clara was too busy soaking up the atmosphere to pay attention. She noticed a calendar on the far wall outlining the school events. She quickly scanned over it, noticing many football games mentioned, as well as a dance.

"Clara," her mother called. "Let's go meet your headmistress, alright?"

Clara nodded, following her mother down a hallway to the left of the lobby. A big door with a name plate that read Ms. Shapel was at the end of the hall.

Clara's mother knocked and a voice said, "Come in."

They opened the door and stepped inside. The room was big and filled with bookshelves covered in books. A woman was seated at a huge oak desk in the middle of the room. Across from he, on the other side of the desk, was four chairs.

The woman wasn't as old as Clara had expected. She had light brown hair pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head. Her light blue eyes were framed with thin framed glasses. She had sparkly, dangling earrings hanging from her ears and a matching necklace hanging around her neck. She was wearing a light blue blouse that buttoned up the front and a dark blue skirt with high heeled shoes. She stood up and held out her hand.

"You must be Clara." She smiled and Clara took her hand in her own and shook it shyly. "It is a pleasure to meet you. Please take a seat."

Clara sat between her mother and her father on the chairs across from the headmistress.

"So Clara, tell me, why did you choose CVA?" Ms. Shapel asked.

"I heard it was the best school around." Clara said honestly. "And I really wanted a change."

Ms. Shapel nodded in understanding. "Well I assure you both," She addressed Clara's parents. "That this really is the best school around. We will take excellent care of your daughter."

"I have no doubt." Clara's mother smiled. "How often will we be able to contact her?"

Clara blushed.

"The girls are encouraged to call home once a week and there are many computers with internet access available for the girls to use at all times. Emails are the main form of communication around here, but if for any reason you need to call her, you can call the school at this number." Ms. Shapel handed her a card off her desk. "And we will pass along the phone call."

"Thank you so much." Clara's mother said politely. "I want you to email me whenever you have the chance, ok Clara?"

Clara nodded. "Of course mom."

"Well Clara, "Ms. Shapel began. "You can say your goodbyes now if you're ready and then I'll get you your schedule and show you up to your room. Your bags should already have been taken up there."

There were tears in her mother's eyes when Clara hugged her goodbye. Clara held back her own tears so her mother wouldn't be more upset then she already was. Her parents told her how much they loved her and then left, closing the door behind them.

"So Clara, I have your schedule right here." Ms. Shapel pulled a sheet of paper out of the folder in front of her and handed it to Clara. "Please take a quick look through it and make sure everything looks alright."

Clara looked over the sheet in her hand. The schedules are much different here at CVA than they were at her old school. They had school six days a week for three hours a day and then an hour every afternoon to do homework. Each morning, Clara had four classes, English for an hour, Math for an hour, and the last hour was split into two and the classes rotated. On Monday, Clara had a double period of bio. On Tuesday, Clara had Art and French. On Wednesday, Clara had Physics and Chemistry. On Thursday, she had French and Gym. On Friday she had Chemistry and Physics and on Saturday she had a double period of History. Clara looked over it quickly and then looked back up at Ms. Shapel. "It looks correct."

"Good. Now here is a map of the school." Ms. Shapel handed her another piece of paper. "And here is your room key. This is the cafeteria menu and the times it opens and closes are on the front page."

Clara took a quick glance at the menu. The cafeteria opened at six each morning and then closed at seven thirty. It opened again at eleven thirty and closed at one. For supper, it was open from five until seven. Inside were the foods that were always served at the buffet style meals; for breakfast, toast, cereal, juice, fruit, and granola bars were always available. Depending on the day, waffles, pancakes, eggs and bacon, sausage and hash browns, or French toast may be available. For lunch, sandwiches, salad, fruit, and vegetables were always available and for supper the same with the addition of some sort of pasta. Different specials were served for lunch and supper every day. Clara was quite impressed by the meal schedule. She was excited to try new things, but always happy that there would always be something there she liked just in case.

"Now you will start classes on Monday. It is homework time right now, but within ten minutes or so the girls will be let out so you can meet some new people, especially your room mate."

"I'm going to have a roommate?" Clara asked surprised. She had never really imagined having a roommate.

"Yes. Her name is Gabriella. I'm sure the two of you will get along great." Ms. Shapel assured. "I will show you up to your room, but I'm sure Gabriella would love to give you the real tour."

Clara's heart was beating faster in her chest. She had never been good at meeting new people. She took deep breathes to try and slow her heart down. She stood up and began to follow Ms. Shapel upstairs to her room. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. She didn't even notice the people running past her or the school or the classrooms or the teachers. She didn't notice the girls that waved at her, or the ones that looked at her funny. She didn't notice that Ms. Shapel had led her up four flights up stairs and she didn't notice how far they had gone until Ms. Shapel stopped in front of room 504.

"This is it." Ms. Shapel smiled. "Here is your key. Go ahead, open it up."

Clara took the key from Ms. Shapel's hands. She almost dropped it because her hands were so sweaty. She pushed the key into the lock and turned it to the right. The lock popped open and she stepped inside. The room was fairly big; a bed was pressed against each side. A night table with a clock and a ready lamp was sitting beside each bed. At the foot of each bed was a dresser and across from the door was a huge bookshelf.

"There is a bathroom down the hall." Ms. Shapel told her. "I'm sure you'll love it here. Gabriella will be back soon. Please make yourself at home. I must get back to work now."

"Thank you Ms. Shapel." Clara sad as Ms Shapel left her standing in the room, along. Her bags were sitting on the bed to her right. She opened up the first suitcase and began putting the folded clothes into the dresser at the foot of the bed. Once she had all her clothes put away, she began to wonder where she was going to put all her books and stuff. She began to stack her books underneath the bed when the door opened.

"Oh, hi." Clara stood up awkwardly, brushing off her knees. She looked at the girl who had just entered the room. "You must be Gabriella."

Gabriella was a little taller than Clara and she had straight, dark hair that rested on her shoulders. Her eyes were an intense shade of green, outlined with a dark eyeliner and purple eye shadow. Her eye shadow matched her purple top that had extremely short sleeves and was quite low cut, revealing the top of her cleavage. She had a short black, pleated skirt and purple sneakers on. A single chain hung around her neck and at the end of it, a small inverted triangle with the colour spectrum running down it. The small charm rested softly between her breasts, almost below the top of her shirt.

"Gabby." She clarified.

"Sorry." Clara smiled. "It's nice to meet you Gabby. I'm Clara."