Makeshift dreams plotted and devised to keep ungravitated tongues to the muse. Underneath our bad signs to watch moons on collision courses. Screaming this affinity on the rooftops of the almost unconventional. Your smile lit incandescent bliss for this celestial pulse. Put your solar flare stare to the world and let December glow in flames.

Descended from the illuminated marquees for anonymous punch drunk hearts. Stranger sweet fiction enfolded through the keyholes of sunshine machines. The verses of the skyline into your neon veins, singing the body electric. Lay dilated under glass crescent hymns, seizing crashed cars alongside euphoric requiems.

Let this irregular heartbeat slur, colliding brittled bones to the bleeding mattress. Bright world collapsed along with the dying sun, black dresses piruotte through this starless city. Sing to the wind "Catch us if you can" until they've signalled their rifleman. Nailed to god's front door, keep the last words, "Let this be my medicine until this time ends."