I feel like I've buried myself alive,

Like I'm going out of my mind,

I've got so many things to hide,

And just another excuse to lie,

If I drive myself insane,

I can find myself again,

Trying to sleep with the lights, so that I won't dream,

Can't really tell ifit's all as it seems,

And if this is really what it means,

With so many things to hide, I'd bury myself alive,

Who left on the lights?

It's so late at night,

And can't I drive myself insane?

Will I find myself again?

If I could pull myself apart, piece by piece,

Would I force these thoughts to cease?

Could I put myself at ease,

And let my troubled thoughts find peace?

Do I drive myself insane?

Do I find myself again?

Should I stay awake tonight?

And shouldn't I turn out the light?