Where Am I?

By: Alyssa

I woke up, and had to have been knocked out for over an hour. The last thing I remembered was being hit in the left side of my head with a baseball bat. I didn't know who he was, for he hid his face. I was, however, sure that he was a male. I was afraid of what he may have done to me; the bat was the least of my worries.

Let me explain myself: My name is Elizabeth. I am 15 years of age. I do not know where I am, but I know where I should be. I live in Arizona (in the United States of America). I currently have not even the slightest clue to my location. The only thing I can tell is that I am in what is most likely a basement cellar. I only know this because it is dark, cold, and made of brick. I have never been this scared in my life. I have had to been trapped down here for at least a week. Usually, when he found me awake, he would knock me out again.

The man had given me one cup of water and a mere piece of bread since I had been down in that tiny room. I had been in and out of consciousness; but when I was awake, I tried to stay completely silent because I do not want to be hit again. He had duct tape over my mouth, my hands tied behind my back and to a pole, and my legs tied together up to my knees. I was really uncomfortable; and every time I woke up, I had excruciating pain in my stomach (from hunger) and everywhere else (from being tied) throughout my body.

I heard someone walking down the stairs, and I was pretty sure he was the only one who lived in that house. It had to be him. I closed my eyes and tried not to make any noises. I wanted to scream, but the tape and my common sense prevented that from happening. I would rather die than be beaten again; but as I mentioned, the beatings are not my biggest worries. This man had to be in his late 40s or 50s; and I've seen TV shows. There's not much a man of that age would want from a girl my age. Maybe I watch too much television, or maybe that is a good thing – so I was prepared and knew what was coming for me.

I had my eyes closed and heard the door slowly creeping open. I was hoping he did not notice I was awake. This man frightened me. I had chosen not to think about the places he has touched me since I had been tied. I wanted to shield myself, but none of my limbs were readily available. He had me so, on top, I was solely wearing my bra. Luckily, he had left my jeans on. Though this is so, it does not mean he will not force me out of them.

The man had now entered the room, and I was still not sure if he was aware of my consciousness. He came up to me, made me know for sure he knew I was awake, and gave me a clue to what time it may be for the first time. He cunningly stated, "Good afternoon. Please don't make it so I am required to beat you again. I prefer you to be awake for what is to come."

I whimpered.