Beyond Help

Where Am I?

By: Alyssa

"Anyone moves, and I'll shoot her." The man had grabbed around my waist, his other hand was on the gun pressed against my head. I was terrified. I wanted to be saved, but now the cops could not do anything either. What's gonna happen? — I wondered. Please, Lord, please don't let him hurt me…

He dragged me out into the street and shoved me in his car. "Stay here, you little brat," he commanded nastily. "You try to leave again… and I swear…" I was extremely terrified of this man. I knew what he was going to try to do to me before I left, and I did not want to go back to his house to be put back into that position.

I looked out the back window of his car and saw a police officer mouthing, "We'll be right there." I felt confident in the police officers, but I could not help being afraid. The police were a powerful force; but this man made it seem as he would have a bit more control and strength, and this worried me greatly. What was I to do if he were to pin me down and force things upon me? I would not be able to get him off of me or turn away. I was in an excruciatingly depressing state of mind.

The car jerked and pulled away. I saw a cop car sitting just on the other side of the building. As we were driving down the road, I saw that car pull out. It weaved behind many other cars, to assure the man could not see the cop. I found it best to not look at the police vehicle too much; I did not want the man to suspect anything. I turned around and faced forward, still fearing for my life.

We pulled into the man's driveway, and he pulled me into the house. I kept watch in the road, trying to make sure the police were coming. As he threw me onto his bed, he harshly stated, "If you don't stay put this time, you are going to regret your decision." Then he did something I did not quite understand. He walked away again. When he was in his bathroom, I heard sirens. I did not know why the cops would put on their sirens. I was as good as dead now. Once he heard the sirens of the car, he ran out back into the bedroom. He was screaming curse words. "What did you do, girl? You're gonna pay!"

It was about this time that the cops burst into the room. "Hands up!" one of them shouted at the man. He did as he was told. "What's your name?" the same police man asked me.

"Elizabeth," I replied.

"Elizabeth, we need you to come with me out to the car. We are going to take you up to the station and get some information. We'll have you back home as soon as possible," another officer announced. I sat up in the bed, scared to move.

The cop guided me out into his car. "You can sit in the passenger seat," and that is what I did. I did not say a word. "We will make sure he doesn't hurt you or anyone else ever again. We have been looking for this man for years." However, I felt that what he said was a lie. I did not think they would stop him from hurting me. I did not understand how they could control him. I did not believe they realized the force this man had. He was very powerful, but I had to put my life in the hands of these men. At this point, I wanted all the help I could get.

We approached the police station, and the officer in the car with me told me to get out and follow him; so I did. When we got into the building, everyone was rushing about. They immediately were surrounding me, asking so many questions that I could barely keep up with all their talking. They asked where I lived, and I told them. I was told that I was now in the state of Utah. I gave them my mother's cell phone number; and they called her as soon as I gave it to them.

"Ma'am, we have your daughter here," one of the police officers said after telling her who he was and where he was. "We can have her out your house in a few hours. Would you like us to bring her now?" Obviously, my mom said to bring me home. The officer told her we would be there as soon as we could; and we were off on a journey to find my house.