Chapter 1:

Belfast Castle

Lord death sat in his throne, staring out the window and out at the royal city, the capital of his realm. The servants of his castle were running about, doing their chores and everything that needs to be done so that the castle remains orderly and up to par.

"Sire," Lord Death looked down at his boot. Standing close to his toes was a small imp; his name is Dante and was his personal assistant.

"What do you want Dante?" Lord Death asked the imp in irritation.

"Sire, it has been 200 years since you took the throne and you have yet to take a bride," Lord Death glared down at the imp that stood at his toes. Dante stiffened where he stood. "The members of your court are very concerned and wanted me to inform you that if you did not find one soon they would pick one for you." Dante gulped and braced himself after the words had emerged from his mouth in a rush, colliding together and sounding similar to gibberish.

Lord Death reached down with his clawed hand and picked the imp up by the back of its shirt. The imp turned to stone when he saw the glare his master was giving him. "You tell those fools in my court that I will not give half of my power to some empty headed woman that they pick. I will choose my own bride, one that I see is fit to rule this realm along side me and is trustworthy enough to possess half of my powers."

The imp gulped once more as he tugged at the collar of his shirt, which was digging into his throat, threatening to strangle him. "Yes Sire!"

Having gotten the answer that he wanted, Lord Death released the imp from his grip, allow the green little person to wall to the stone floor with a loud thud. Dante got up from where he fell and rushed out of the room, running to the kitchen where most of the king's other servants were cloistered together, waiting to hear what info the small imp had for them.

"Well?" Zach, a Fear gorta, asked when the small, green, imp entered the kitchen, turning his pupil, and irisless, eyes towards him as he entered.

Dante sighed and shook his head. "It didn't work," he stated defeated.

"I was sure that our plan would work!" The kitchen's head chef, a Black Annis by the name of Agnes, stomped one of her boney feet on the stone floor of the kitchen. Her leathery, blue, face turned towards Dante with a questioning expression. "Are you sure he didn't believe you in the least bit?"

The imp nodded. "I'm positive Agnes. He was firm in what he said."

Agnes's husband, a bloody bone by the name of Tommy Rawhead, scratched his wet skull in contemplation. "Then what should we do?"

A female ghoul by the name of Emmy, who sat silently pondering on a stool in the corner of the kitchen, spoke up. "What if we pick one for him?"

The group of servants turned to look at the female ghoul. "Where would we find one though?" Agnes asked as she placed an iron fingernail clad finger on her chin, a habit of hers when she began to think about something deeply.

Dante snapped his finger in, coming up with an idea. "What about the human realm?"

Everyone turned to the imp, devilish smiles slowly forming on their grotesque and haggard features.

"Mother, where did David go?" Alice Pratt asked her mother as their limo drove towards their destination.

Joanna looked at her daughter and smiled. "He said that he had some business to take care of and would meet us at the castle later on tonight."

Allie, Alice's twin, smiled at her mother. "Will we get to choose our rooms at the castle?"

Joanna nodded. "There are plenty of rooms to pick from."

Alice smirked and turned her head towards a dark haired figure that sat alone on the opposite seat from the three. "I bet you'll enjoy yourself Selene, I heard that these old Irish castle are riddled with ghosts and other sorts of creepy things."

Selene turned her violet eyes towards her new step sister, her black brows knitting together in irritation. She stared at Alice for a moment then went back to looking out the window. Alice grimaced in disappointment; she had hoped she'd get her new stepsister riled up by that comment.

"Yes Selene you should have plenty of new friends to talk to," Allie stated, smirking at the raven haired girl. Selene didn't even bother to look Allie's way and continued to look out the window of the limo. Allie frowned in disappointment, mirroring her sister's expression, and turned her head towards her window to study the scenery.

Joanna scowled at her new step daughter. "Selene it is extremely impolite to ignore people when they are talking to you," she chastised.

Selene finally turned her attention away from the widow and forced her violet eyes on her step mother. "Would you prefer that I give them the finger and tell them to shut the hell up?"

Joanna's frown grew more and her cheeks grew pink. "I don't appreciate that sort of language young lady, I've told you that already."

Selene rolled her eyes at the woman. "I also believe that I've told you that you are not my mother and have no authority over me, therefore whatever you say to me is merely a strong piece of advice, which I respectfully turn down."

Joanna's cheeks turned a shade darker but she turned away from Selene to look out her window at the passing scenery. Why did David even brig her with? Joanna thought to herself. He doesn't like her or pay attention to her yet he insisted on bringing her with. Hopefully she finds a college right after high school and moves out of our home.

Selene stared at Joanna's profile for a moment longer before returning to the passing scenes outside her window. Her thoughts wondered to last week, when her father told her and her new "family" that he had just purchased a castle in Ireland and they would be moving there the week after. To say the least Selene wasn't happy with this decision in the least bit. She had few friends and she was forced to leave them behind to move to a foreign country where she had to start her life over.

David Shay, Selene's father, was a very successful business man and one of the world's richest people. To him buying a castle in Ireland for his family to live in was like buying a gum ball from a bubble gum machine at the grocery store. His main goal was to travel the world with his new wife and leave the three eighteen year old girls at the castle with a number of servants to attend to them, that way they needn't worry about them.

Selene grimaced. He couldn't just pick a house he has to choose a castle! A castle for god's sake! In Ireland of all places; a place that's known for its ghostly atmosphere and tales of magic. Great, just freaking great dad.

The limo came to an abrupt halt, causing the four women inside to shuffle around where they sat. Joanna Shay adjusted herself and waited for the driver to come around to open her door, an action that caused Selene to roll her eyes at. You have an arm and hand don't you? Would it kill you to open the damned door yourself? The driver appeared outside the door of the limo and opened it.

Joanna scowled at the driver and climbed out of the car. "What took you so long?" she snapped.

The driver, who was probably the same age as Selene and her step sisters, bowed his head. "Sorry ma'am."

Joanna snapped her head away from him and walked towards the castle, Alice and Allie following behind her. Selene was the last to leave the limo, giving the driver an apologetic smile.

"My apologies for my step mothers rude behavior," she apologized. "She has yet to realize that she is not the queen and every around her are flies. Hopefully she realizes it soon."

The driver snickered, trying his best to hide it, and smiled to Selene. "You're not like them are you? You ain't a lady muck are ye?" he asked, his Irish accent very thick as he spoke.

Selene smiled. "Thankfully," she stated, pushing her bag farther onto her shoulder. "Thank you so much for the ride," she reached into her bag and pulled out a wad of money her father had instructed her to give the driver when he dropped them off. "This is for you."

The young man stared at the money wide eyed. "Jaysus! I could feed my family for a month with this much nicker!"

Selene chuckled. "Yeah I was told to give you that much for your services," she stated, turning to leave.

"Wait a second cuttie!' Selene paused and turned around to look at the driver with an arched brow.

"Yeah?" she asked slowly.

He smirked at her. "The name's Zeak, Zeak Dame." He pointed at himself with his thumb. "And what'll they call ye?"

She gave a shy smile. "Selene, Selene Shay," she responded. "Nice to meet you."

Zeak smiled at her. "Well Selene maybe I'll see ye 'round?"

Selene smiled. "See ya."

Zeak smiled at her once more and got into the limo to drive away. When Selene was sure he was leaving she turned and began to walk inside, where her step sisters were waiting with huge smirks on their faces.

Selene's brows knitted together. "What're you two looking at?"

Alice shook her head from side to side. "Flirting with a driver? What a pity."

Allie nodded. "What would David say if he saw such a thing?"

Selene snorted and rolled her eyes at the two of them. "I wasn't flirting with him, we were talking is all."

The twins rolled their eyes are her, completely in synch as they did so which caused Selene to feel slightly creeped out. "Well if you weren't then he was obviously into you."

Selene sighed and walked away from the twins. "Whatever, have you guys picked your rooms?"

They nodded both in synched with the other. "We even picked one out for you and told the movers to start putting your stuff in it."

Selene arched an eyebrow at them. "Where is it?"

They smirked. "It's in the wing of the castle that's said to be the most haunted wing in the castle." Alice stated.

She glared at them. "We thought that you'd make some friends being in that wing," Allie stated.

Selene groaned. "Whatever I really don't care." She turned her back on the girls and made her way through the castle.

The castle was very old and drafty; Selene pulled her hoodies closer to herself multiple times as she walked through the corridors of the castle. But she knew that she wasn't just cold on account of the weather, but because of something else entirely.

"Hello my lady," Selene turned, a gasp escaping her lips. A woman, with a noose hanging from her neck and blood dripping down her cheeks from her eyes, smiled at her. She was dressed in the clothes of a noble woman from the Renaissance. "Welcome to Belfast castle. My name is Deloris. I was the daughter of the lord of this castle but I hung myself because he killed the man I loved, just because he was a stable boy."

Selene took in a deep breath and smiled kindly at the woman. "I'm sorry to hear that."

The spirit chuckled. "I didn't mean to put the heart crossways in ye," she stated. "I just wanted to get your attention. May I know the name of ye?"

"Selene Shay."

Deloris smiled. "A pleasure to meet ye Lady Selene."

Selene had an idea. "Deloris there were two twin girls that came into this wing earlier, did you see where they told the movers to put my things?"

Deloris smiled and nodded. "Yep I know who ye mean! They seemed to be a bunch of rossies to me, didn't even say as much as a hello and walked right through me. I'll show ye where they took yer things."

Deloris walked out in front of Selene and led her down the corridor until they came to a pair of large oak doors. Deloris smiled and opened to doors, revealing Selene's bed, dresser, vanity, cedar chest, her desk, and wardrobe. The ghost skipped into the room, moving to the center. She pointed up to the rafters in the ceiling.

"This is where I hung me self," she stated, a sad smile crossing her face.

Selene entered the room, throwing her bag onto her bed. "Why don't you crossover? Can't you find a portal?"

The spirit shook her head. "No, there's a portal in the castle actually," she pointed to a door on the other side of the room. "It's behind that door."

She looked in the direction that Deloris was pointing with her ghostly finger. The door looked like a set of double doors for a closet. Slowly she approached the doors, placed her hands on the door knobs and flung the double doors open. What she saw wasn't what she was expecting.

"It's a mirror," she stated out loud, turning to look at Deloris. "This is the portal to the realm of death?"

Deloris nodded, taking a step back and shivering. "I don't want to go onto the other side of that thing. All I can sense from it is darkness."

Selene turned away from Deloris and looked at the mirror. The mirror covered the entire doorway, from the top to the bottom. She looked at the fair skinned girl with long raven black hair that reached her rear that stared back at her with bright violet eyes, the same eyes as he deceased mother, that was reflected along with the rest of her room. Just by looking at it she couldn't tell that there was anything wrong with the mirror, but Deloris was right. The mirror radiated a dark aura and smelt of death. It sent shivers up Selene's spine. She shut the doors and turned to Deloris.

"Thank you for all your help Deloris," Selene thanked with a smile. "I would have been wandering around this place forever without your help. I'm very grateful."

The ghost smiled at her and nodded. "I'm just glad that I have someone to talk to now. It was so lonely before, having to wander around here by me self, even though multiple things come through that portal all the time, they're not very social though." Deloris smiled at her more. "Well I'll let you to unpack and rest. It must have been a long journey. Where do you hale from my lady?"


Deloris stopped and thought about that then shrugged. "I've never heard of that country before."

Selene chuckled. "It was probably discovered after your death by Christopher Columbus, ring any bells?"

Deloris shrugged. "It's been a long time since I was alive. Good evening Lady Selene." And with that she faded away and disappeared.

When Deloris had faded away, and Selene could no longer feel her prescience in the room, she went around the room and began looking under and behind things, checking to see if there were any creatures or small spirits lurking about. Once she was sure she was alone she flopped down on her bed, releasing a huge sigh of exhaustion.

As you may have already noticed Selene isn't your average run of the mill teenage American girls. Ever since she was little she had the ability to see, hear, and sense things that normal people weren't capable of seeing. These things were creatures and spirits from the realm of death. At first they scared the living hell out of her, but once she realized that they weren't out to harm her, a lot of them actually called her "lady" or "princess" sometimes, she welcomed them with warm smiles and kind words. But just because she was no longer afraid of them it didn't mean that they didn't startle her when they popped up out of nowhere like Deloris had in the hall.

All the women on her mother's side of the family possessed this ability; they called it the three death senses. Every female could see, hear, and sense things that came from the realm of death that resided close to the realm of life, the name of the realm that they lived in now. Her mother always told her that it was a blessing and that she should feel proud to be able to see things that not everyone else can.

However, as you can probably imagine, not everyone saw her ability as a blessing. Her father always looked at Selene as a hindrance, and something that could ruin his image, because of her ability, and when her mother died when she was ten her father began to completely ignore her, and it got a million times worse when he remarried.

At school it was very hard for her to make friends when spirits and monsters would come up to her and try to get her attention. Everyone thought she was strange when she'd stare into space, seeing things that they couldn't, and sometimes muttering and talking to herself. It was a miracle that she had even acquired the few friends she had, but now she was forced to leave them behind and start from scratch in Ireland with her new "family".

It's ok though, she thought as she released another sigh and looked up at the rafters above her. No one here knows anything about me; I can start over as a normal teenager and maybe even get a boyfriend. The last portion of her thought brought a smile to her face. It'd be nice to meet someone that would love me for me.

"Hey Selene!" She turned her stare from the rafters above and looked at the double doors that led to the corridor. "Come to the main hall!"

Selene groaned and reluctantly got up from her bed to see what was wanted of her in the main hall.

Dante and the other members of his group opened the door of the portal and looked through it, into the room on the other side.

"What are we doing Dante?" Zach asked quietly.

The imp looked up at the Fear Gorta that stood several feet taller than him. "We're waiting for a human woman to pass by. If she's pretty enough we'll drag her through the portal and take her to the palace for his majesty."

Emmy stood in the back of the group, twisting the hem of her uniform and biting her purple lip in anxiety. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all. His majesty is bound to be very sore about this. He's said multiple times that he'd pick his bride when he was ready."

"And it's been over 200 hundred years since he ascended to power!" Agnes stated, turning her leathery blue face to look at the ghoul. "It is high time that he pick one!"

Emmy bit her lip harder, causing green slime like ooze to emerge from the cut that was forming because of her sharp teeth. Everyone turned away from the ghoul and continued to look through the portal and into the room on the other side.

"I can't believe she fell for it!" The group inched forward a little at the voice.

Two girls, both identical to the other, with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and flawless skin entered the room, laughing and smirking at one another.

"They're both beautiful!" Zach pointed out, a grin forming on his thinned out face.

Agnes nodded in agreement. "They would look perfect next to the king!"

The girl's laughter simmered down and they began looking around the room. "She is so easy to fool! I can't believe she actually thought that mother wanted to speak with her, she hates her guts! She's not even here anyway! She went out with David."

The other girl chuckled. "I know right. I don't understand why she doesn't move out on her own and leave her father alone. It's obvious he wants nothing to do with the freak."

The other twin nodded in agreement. "Now let's find her diary and see what she wrote during the flight! I wonder what she was seeing when we landed!"

"What do you think we should do?" Tommy asked Dante.

The imp smirked. "On the count of three we jump out and grab one of them."

"Which one?" Emmy inquired, still twisting the hem of her uniform.

The imp shrugged. "It doesn't matter, they're identical. Just everyone go after one of them."

Everyone nodded and they sprung from the portal and into the room. The girls didn't see or hear them coming. Alice released a loud, blood curdling scream, when she was suddenly pulled from behind and being carried to the mirror that laid behind the door. Allie grabbed her sister's hands in horror, scared because she didn't understand what was happening.

Zach grasped Allie's wrists and the girl removed her hands quickly, feeling the cold sensation. Alice continued to scream at her sister for help as she was pulled through the mirror by the invisible creatures, shutting the door behind them and locking Dante out of their realm.

The little imp tried numerous times to reach the door knobs, but failed and retreated to underneath Selene's bed as Allie stared at the closed doors in horror, tears of shock running down her cheeks.