Morning Memories

Mornings have become my favorite time as my thoughts and dreams dwell

on memories we create.

The way my finger tips tingle as they caress your bearded lips,
idly stroking hair covered cheeks.
The gentlest trace over your closed eyes
Your breath is slowly exhaled and I wonder
Is my touch painful? Do I stop?

As with a mind of their own my fingers keep moving

finding there place around your back of your neck

Your breath is warm against my face

As you move closer
My heart beats faster

Waiting for your lips to touch mine

I wet my lips knowing the intimate dance to come
I'm waiting

Your lips touch mine lightly
Too gently
Hearts beat faster

I lean forward into your arms intent on touching as much

of you as I can.

Strong hands on my back dropping lower
drawing me closer
Not close enough
Mouths open wider savoring the taste of passion on each other
Hands move to my neck and up
To cup my head
Fingers snake through my hair

You hold on tighter and I whimper my delight
Your grasp pulls me forward
My hair is loose now
Twisted through your fingers

Bodies entangled and encircled
The front of you is strained against me
Hands slowly fall away
I open my eyes

Looking into yours I see myself and for a moment a

glimpse of your passion for me.
and at the this moment my only thought is if you could know

how much you tenderness and passion affect me

And what promise I would give for this moment again

as I tilt my head silently begging for another morning memory.