I am forced to know my fate--

A fate concealed which comes to me late.

A wall of streets,

a shrieking gate--

Blossoms iced to the branch that breaks.

Concealed fate, concealed fate, you're coming,

though the time is late.

Passersby may notice me,

conscripted here by poverty,

the destiny they do not see,

though lamps and pavement welcome me.

A smile and a sigh,

a cold hand,

funny he thinks he understands--

exchange about economy--

(The price is high, this meal not free)

Thank you, Sir

for helping me.

Concealed fate, concealed fate--

my hidden reasures still await.

And fate may bring pleasures unknown,

towards darker pits I have been thrown.

Concealed fate, concealed fate,

can't keep time,

won't set the date--

a deeper rhythm


my time must come,

but I will wait.