What do you think?" Trinred asked her friend.

"I think she's stupid." her friend replied looking down at the paper she carried. "She's just jealous!" Lilithe looked up and gave Trin her most professional look, "She want to be as awesome as us."

"And me!" Rayne called from a few feet back, grinning as she examined the rocks she had collected on her way to the fair with her siblings and best friend.

"Yes," Lilithe muttered, rolling her eyes, "You too."

"Yeah!" Trin said with a proud smile, "Your right! She's totally jealous!"

Lilithe nodded once and proudly marched on. Rayne looked down at the objects she held in hands, a smile on her face.

"HEY!" Rayne yelled as Damien, her brother, knocked all the rocks from her hands. "Damien!" She whined, "I think I found some quartz! And you ruined it!" She got down on her hands and knees to look for the shiny and interesting things she always picked up when going someplace.

"Damien!" Lilithe scolded him.

All four of them huddled together. Damien was glaring at his older sister. Rayne looked worried. Trin looked deep in thought.

Lilithe frowned. "I got a plan."

"We need a distraction." Lilithe looked to Rayne. "One that gets him off me." She looked at Trin, "You can come in right after, ask for help or something. Keep him talking, he'll get nervous, and worried he might lose me as a costumer." She gave them all a smile. "And with the distraction, Trin and being worried about me. He will have to much on his mind to notice Damien." She gave him a wink and Damine smirked.

"Wait." Damien frowned again. "Why do I always have to do the dirty work?"

"Because your the man Damien!" Trin slapped him on the back with a laugh.

Lilithe shushed them, "When were done," Lilithe told them quietly, "We have will have extra money!"

Raynes smile widened. "For candy!"

Lilithe, nodded at Rayne.

Daminen opened his mouth to say something, but before he could get a single word out his eyes dimmed, and went blank.

"Damien?" Trin asked confused, and a little worried. Then it came to her, "Oh! Is he having one of those seeing thingies?"

Lilithe frowned but nodded and reached out to grab her brother's arm. It ended almost as soon as it started.

"What did you see?" Lilithe asked him seriously.

"A," He looked at his sisters and friend, "A girl. And it looked like... A fight." He frowned in confusion. "I don't understand..." he sighed, "But someones life is defiantly going to change. A lot of people will be affected by it."

"When?" Lilithe asked, "Today?"

"Yeah," he looked up as if the ceiling had the answer, "Im pretty sure."

"We have to do something!" Lilithe said and Rayne nodded slowly.

"No we don't." Trin said firmly, "We can get the stuff and leave." She had an angry look on her face.

"Trin!" Lilithe said desperately, "Its happening today!"

Trin rolled her eyes at Lilithe, "And he doesn't know where! It could be here or in the next village or even halfway around the world!"

Rayne and Damien looked back ad forth between the two friends. Rayne looked like she was about to say something when, the door suddenly bust open. All four of them looked at the girl with long light brown hair and brown eyes, who just ran in out of breath.

All four of them looked at each other.

The girl looked around the room, and her eyes settled on the four of them.

She glanced around the room one more time before she slinked over to them. They all stared at her with wide eyes, but said nothing, not knowing what to make of her. She stared right back.

They heard the guards march past the door outside, and the girl tensed and franticly put her finger to her lips. Surprised, everyone became silent. The store owner, realizing what was going on, reached behind the counter and took out a rifle.

"EVERYONE OUT!" He yelled, "I don't want any TROUBLE!"

He pointed the gun at the five young people in the store, "Im not getting arrested for harboring fugitives and thieves!"

As soon as the gun was out, everyone started to panic.

Trin yelled, "THE BACK DOOR!" As people swarmed around them. Rayne grabbed Lilithe's and the strange girl's hand, and ran towards the back, pulling them along.

Outside, the flattened themselves against the wall as a few other people ran out. Once the alley was empty, they all turned to the girl.

"Who are you?" Rayne asked her.

"My name is Serafine Summerseas Yaman." She grinned cheerfully at them, "Whats yours?"

"Rayne." She answered suspiciouslybut then raised her head and said proudly, "Raynalise Dair Kashten Tasha's Daughter, of the RellFirelld Tribe!"

"Wow! Cool name!" Serafine told her happily.

"Im Lilithe Huart Kashten Tasha's Daughter, Rochen's daughter, of the RellFrielld Tribe."

"And Im their brother," He looked back at the girl, "Damen Chasterly Kashten, at your service!" He smiled brightly at her.

"Im Trinred." Trin told the girl roughly, she had her arms crossed and was pouting, looking a bit miffed.

"Nice to meet you guys!" Sera beamed at them.

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