Okay, I used to be known as AriLevouge. I have deleted all my stuff, and now I'm reposting it. This was the story 'A Story of Love and Friendship, oviously renamed. Have fun.

Chapter One

I watched them walk towards me, glad that they had finally arrived. I had been waiting at the place where we usually sit for five minutes, alone, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Hey guys!" I said, grinning and waving hello to them. They waved back, smiling slightly, before returning to their conversation.

"And I was like, ew! I mean, can you think of anything more gross?" Megan said, dumping her bag on the seat beside me.

"I know! It's seriously weird and gross. They should just go away if they're gonna be like that." Donna said, dumping her bag beside Megan's. "What do you think, Allegra?"

"About what?" I asked, pulling out my lunch box and looking at the contents.

"About Alana and Tyler going out? I mean, she's in year ten, and he's in year eight. It's disgusting!" Megan said, throwing her arms around in frustration.

"Um. Yeah. It shouldn't be happening." I mumbled under my breath, trying to not get involved in this conversation.

"Hey Allegra, you promised her mum that you wouldn't let her date, right?" Megan asked, smiling at me with a strange smile.

"Well, sort of. I just said that-" I started, but Megan cut in.

"Great! Can you tell her mum that she's going out with Tyler? And make sure you stress the fact that he's only in year eight." She asked, bending over to look in her bag for something.

"I-I dunno, Megan…" I said, unsure. After all, Alana was my friend.

"Please, Allegra? You're the only one who can do this! Pretty please?" She begged me, pulling her wallet out of her bag.

"O-Okay. Fine. I'll tell her this afternoon." I said, looking at the ground between my feet.

"Thank you so much! Come on Donna, let's go to the canteen." Megan and Donna walked away, leaving me alone to look after the bags. Before they were too far away, I heard Megan say something to Donna.

"Alanna's not allowed to date until she's sixteen, or she gets home schooled. I'm hoping her mum pulls her out and we never have to see her again."

My brow creased in worry, and I pulled on one of my long brown plaits in anxiety.

What did she mean by that?