Chapter One

Kyle slid into the aeroplane seat and adjusted it to his liking. The plane was full, which he supposed was a good thing as it meant they hadn't found him yet. Unless they had taken to sending children against him.

A delicate woman with messy black hair slid in next to him, taking the isle seat. There was no third seat, which was good because he didn't know how he would cope boxed in between two strangers for seven hours after what had recently happened to him.

The woman glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, but didn't say anything, instead turning back to the book she was reading. He leant forward slightly and read the title - The Redemption of Althalus by David Eddings - before sitting back and resting against the chair. He planned on sleeping for the trip, to catch up on the much needed rest he had missed in the past few days.

Movement up the front of the plane caught his eye, and his gut sank as two men entered and spoke with the stewardess. She nodded, and they entered the plane properly, looking from side to side as though searching for something, or someone.

"Oh shit." He whispered to himself. They seemed to be casually checking everyone, not bothering them if they didn't have brown hair or were female. They spoke briefly to anyone that did have brown hair, and he just knew they were searching for him. He sunk lower in his sit, trying to seem invisible.

The woman next to him looked at him, then at the guys. "I'm guessing they aren't friends of yours?" She whispered. Kyle shook his head. "Huh."

They slowly moved closer, and he was almost panicking. She looked at him for a moment as though she was judging him, before grabbing her bag from the overhead compartment and pulling it down onto her lap. She pulled two things out of it - a wig and a skirt - before putting her book inside and putting it back in the compartment. She quickly shoved the blonde wig on his head, making sure it was neat enough to pass for real hair, spread the skirt over his legs so it looked like he was wearing it, and pulled a plain gold ring off her thumb, shoving it on his ring finger. The men were almost up to them. She quickly grabbed his hand and smiled.

"Oh Julia, the ring is gorgeous! You are so lucky." She gushed. He looked at her in surprise before going along with it.

"Uh yeah- I mean" He coughed and made his voice go higher "Yeah. Robert is just amazing. The wedding is set for next month. The uh, the 21st."

The men glanced at them, only taking in 'two females talking about weddings', and quickly went on their way. They made three more trips back and forth, and the woman refused to let him drop out of character the entire time. Which meant he was stuck talking about weddings, dresses and children.

When the men had finally left again, he pulled the wig off and almost threw it and the skirt at her. She shoved them back into her handbag before accepting her ring back and twisting it in place on her thumb.

"Thanks for that." He said, then raised an eyebrow at her. "Any particular reason why you have a wig?"

She smiled at him. "There are some people back home that I want to avoid."

"Oh." She nodded at him and lay back against her seat, ignoring him again. He stared at her for a few minutes before following her example and staring out the window as they finally took off, ignoring her as well.

The plane landed in Brisbane without a hitch, and he waited as the woman took her handbag, which was larger than usual, down and had walked away before standing up and exiting the plane himself. He didn't have any carry on luggage, or any real luggage for that matter, being as he was on the run, so he didn't have to worry about that stuff.

It was slow moving getting out of the plane, as the isle didn't make for optimum movement, but he didn't care about that. He was in Brisbane for a reason after all. He could pick up the essentials along the way.

"Crap." He said as soon as the gates came into view. There were more agents, checking every brown haired male again.

"This is going to be a habit, isn't it?" The woman from the plane was standing beside him, looking at the men, before looking up at him. She sighed heavily and pulled him back around the corner, digging into her bag again.

"I uh...I don't think a wig and a skirt will work this time." He said. She snorted in amusement.

"Of course not. You're too big to pass as a female when you're standing up. No, you are going to be..." She pulled out a jacket that looked like it was way too big to fit into her bag - despite how large it may be - a floppy fisherman's hat with fishhooks around the band, a pair of old sunglasses and a stick that extended and turned into a cane. " grandfather."

He looked from the items in her hands to at her bag, before turning back to her. "Why the hell do you have these?"

"Sometimes the first disguise doesn't work. It's always good to have a backup plan." She explained, and he looked at her in disbelief. "Well, come on then."

He took the various items from her hands and quickly pulled them on before grabbing the cane and hunching over as though he was old and frail. He idly noticed that the jacket was large on him, which meant it would have swamped her if she had put it on. He walked a few steps before getting into the right tottering step, and she laid his large hand, covered by the jacket sleeve, on her arm, leading him out gently as though he really was old.

"Come on Grandpa, this way. It's alright, Grandma will be there. Won't it be good to see her again?" She said in a slightly raised voice, as though he was hard of hearing.

"Grandma?" He spoke in a wobbly voice, quickly getting into the role. "Grandma has been dead for years, dear."

"Not your Grandma, my Grandma, Grandpa."

"Oh? My dear Bonnie, come to the airport?" He peered up at her as they walked past the men, and she grinned back at him.

"Yes Grandpa. Grandma Bonnie will come to the airport. She wants to see you too, remember? She told you two days ago that she would be waiting for us." They continued to talk even as the men disappeared behind them.

They turned another corner, now safely away from the men, and he straightened before giving back her disguise. "Well, that was fun."

"Yep. And now, I must be going, hopefully managing to avoid my parents, and to do that I need to change."

"And I have to go...somewhere. It's probably best if you don't know" She looked up at him in amusement.

"Alright, Mr Super Spy. Do you need any help getting out of here, or are you fine now?"

"I'll be fine."

He walked one way and she walked the other, idly whistling a tune.

He sat down on the bus carefully, next to a red haired woman in a suit reading a newspaper. It looked recent, and he glimpsed something about the prime minister before she closed it and looked up at him, smiling in amusement.

"We certainly do run into each other a lot, don't we?" She stated, and he recognised the voice of the woman from before.

"So it seems. Red? Wasn't it blonde before?"

"I keep two wigs in my bag at all times, along with one complete change of clothing, one skirt, one jacket, and three different types of accessories. It helps me avoid those I wish to avoid." She pulled off the wig and her own black hair tumbled out from underneath it, before placing it in her bag along with the newspaper.

"You are a very strange person. All this to avoid your parents?" He asked, and she grinned.

"I don't like them much."

"So it seems. Do you have a name?"

"Emilia Rhode. You?"

"Kyle Owens."

"That's nice." They rode in silence for half an hour, before she stood up. "This is my stop, see you later."

She quickly exited the bus, hurrying across the busy street. He watched her go, and just before it turned a corner further down the street, he saw her enter an apartment building near the bus stop.


The agent watched the security tapes of the airport again, his eyes barely even noticing what was going on. He had already seen them thirty times. Another agent came up behind him and watched over his shoulder.

"Anything?" He asked.

"Nope. It's like he was never on the plane in the first place. But we saw him enter. The agents who looked around the plane didn't see him either, and they checked everywhere, even the bathrooms, three times." He replied. The other man kept silent and watched as a young woman and her grandfather, the last ones off the plane, walked slowly through the checkpoint.

On the screen, the woman glanced up at the camera for a second before looking back at the old man. But that second was enough.

"Wait, rewind and pause when that woman looks up at the camera, then zoom in on her face!" He commanded, and the agent sitting down complied. He stared at the face in front of him, dread welling up. "Shit."

He pulled out his phone and speed dialled his boss, who picked it up after three rings.

"Tell me you've got him." His boss commanded.

"Not yet boss. But this is urgent."

"Well, what?"

"We found Alison. And Owens has teamed up with her."