Verse 1
When I was eight years old
I often asked myself why
I was so badly teased at school
Enough to make me cry
Soon I made a decision
I would not cry anymore
So I barricaded my mind
Shoved my feelings behind a wall

And so I wear a mask
One that is so real
I can't tell where it ends
Or where's the me that's real
I can't peel it from my face
Because I'm terrifed
That there will be nothing
Underneath it's lie

Verse 2
When I entered high school
I was taught to laugh at myself
I was only twelve then
Laughing at the pain I shelved
I was distant from my peers
Hiding my wounds both new and old
And so they came to see me
As selfish and ice cold

I'm nearly eighteen now
But the mask is still in place
I doubt I'll ever show
Anyone my true face

Chorus x2