Six Feet Underground---

Everything feels better when the sun goes down

Now I have these monsters in me
I cannot control their feelings
Such a long way down
Six feet underground

Crawling in through my addictions
Razor blade; it's just compulsive
And it rips at me
I can feel their screams

And you can see the pain inside
All I want is you to find
A way to save me from this grave
Cause I won't ever find my way

It burns
This hollow comfort

Burnable these paper memories
Grippable; these choking feelings
And they drag me down
Six feet underground

Don't we all wish for some peace
Something which we'll never see
So this works for now
Tears of pain to drown


Everything feels better
Everything, everything feels better
Everything feels better
When the sun goes down

Now I have this acid inside
Killing me; it takes it's time
But it breaks me down
Six feet underground