"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." ~Desmond Tutu

Pfft. Yeah right.


She ran, fast. Her fur glistened underneath the shimmering moon light. She could hear them gaining on her—their angry growls, their loud barks. Her paws scraped against the cold moist earth beneath her feet. She was almost there; the sweet escape was just within her reach.

Marie's life was always in the pack. She was a shy, timid pup and that did not rule well in a male dominant pack. Marie had six older brothers. It was common for wolves to give birth in litters. Nathan, Caleb and Reid were first, then Marcus, Daniel and Sage. Their father was the current alpha of the west pack and because social hierarchy played a great deal within werewolf politics, her brothers grew up rather privileged, whereas she didn't.

The problem with living in a pack and having a big family wasn't privacy, it was ranking. In her father's pack, social rank was life. Marie didn't know how it worked for everyone else since she had little encounter with other packs growing up, but she believed it was relatively the same. She remembered the day she was dubbed as omega, to be blunt, it was scandalous. It was shameful, especially for an alpha to have birthed an omega in the family. It was the lowest rank.

Being the omega meant you were barely tolerated by packmates, were the last to recive everything and you usually stayed home to take care of the smaller pups while everyone else went on runs. Marie was the exception though, she was an omega for one and only reason, she was rogue, well, considered to be. Her father wasn't the pack alpha, and her brothers weren't blood to her. Acutally, they were her half-siblings, their mother bred them the same, but Nathen and rest of them, except for Daniel, didn't see her as their sister. They disregarded her, if not, completely ignored her existance.

Rouge wolves were said to be vicious creatures, they were beasts—shunned from their packs and Marie's real father was one of them. She had heard rumors that he had captured her mother and had repeatedly raped her, until she fell pregnant. That he kept her in a cage until the pups were born and that he had starved her and brutally beat her to the brink of no recollection because she wouldn't submit to them. And as punishment they killed her youngest pup, the seventh.

Marie wasn't able to comfirm if any of those events were true, becasue nobody seemed to talk to about her about her mother, all she knew was they had found her alive and her mother dead in an emptied cabin on side of the mountain. She could barely recall anything from her memory, except for the smell of pine and if it weren't for her uncle, the beta, Marie would've probably been left to die there as well.

She sighed deeply and stretched on her hind legs. It was barely dusk by the time Marie had woken up from her nightly run, she layed hidden beneath a large oak tree and bathed in the deep moonlight that had shone. She smelled the fresh scent of the early morning, it was spring. Marie smiled, she loved waking up in the morning after a night full of run and play, it was the only time she truely was herself.

Marie was smaller than average size of a werewolf, due to her petite figure in human from, but she still couldn't be mistaken for a regular size wolf. She ran the rest of the way home. Marie didn't live in the alpha house like the rest of her family did, instead she lived with the other omega's. There were only two others beside her. Heidi was an older wolf in her mid forties, and had always wanted pups of her own, but couldn't have any. It was simple, omega's weren't allowed to mates, in case they passed on ill genes. One defect, a smaller wolf. All the more reason Marie was ranked an omega.

Denise was the last female omega, she was even smaller than Marie compared in wolf size. She few a years younger than Marie, who was nineteen. Denise was premature when she was born, causing her to be very weak in health, but Heidi was happy as any to take in another pup. She partically rasied her and Denise since birth. Denise didn't know her real parent's or siblings. She never asked about them and Heidi had thought it'd be best not to tell her, it's be less painful that way. The fact of the matter was it wasn't suprising that there were only three of us, in a pack of forty or so.

Marie stopped a few meters short of her cabin in the woods. She saw the door slam open and an angry but satisfied Reid coming out. Shit. Denise. Reid was built lean, but had bulky muscles, showing power in his arms and everywhere else. He was half dressed in a pair of jeans, with no shoes on and in his is hand was his shirt.

Marie felt her anger rising, a sudden faint sound of a twig snapping under her paw reached her ears. Fuck. She tensed. Reid had stopped in is tracks at the sound and had turned around to sniff the air. His eyes suddenly pierced toward the woods and form smirk in her direction. A low growl bubbled in her throat, casuing Reid to only smirk wider. As soon as he left, Marie had changed quickly back and ran into the house.

Her nose crinkled, his stench was everywhere. "Denise," she called out hesitantly. Marie heard a faint whimper coming from her room. The door creaked open slightly as she entered. She found Denise curled up in a tiny ball in the corner of the room, naked. A broken bed lamp next to her. Marie cursed herself, she shouldn't have left her alone last night, especially when Heidi had gone last night to help take care of her uncle's newborn pups.

"Marie," Denise cried out. Marie rushed over and had taken the strewn bedsheet on the floor and wrapped it around the hysterical Denise. She had fresh bruises on her arms and hips. Densie had clutched onto her tightly, Marie soothingly ran her fingers down Denise's hair to some avail. It had calmed her to the point where Marie only heard a few sniffles and eventually Denise fell asleep in her arms.

Marie sighed. She hated how the other wolfs took advantge of her and Denise and sometimes even Heidi, just becasue they were lower than them. Heidi wasn't picked on as much as she and Denise was, but at least Marie could defend herself, whereas Denise couldn't. She was only sixteen, and even though Denise was at the age of finding a mate, but could'nt have one, that didn't stop the others from using her and Marie to relieve their stress. As a punching bag or to give sexual release. It was sick, but that's how it worked.

If there was one thing Marie had learned from living in a pack, it was this. Every wolf for herself.

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