"Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I need to know.

Chapter II

She had to know the truth before she could go back. Her mate whined and howled at the moon. She would return to him. She licked his muzzle before turning back.

Marie sighed deeply; she hated waking up so early in the mornings. The smell of freshly cooked eggs filtered the air, invading her nose and burned down to her stomach with hunger. It was her duty as omega to make breakfast for the alpha and the rest who lived at the main house.

She briskly gathered the rest of the food and set them onto the dining table when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Marie double checked to make sure everything perfect, before standing obediently at the door, her chin raised down, submitting to her alpha like a good little pup.

Marcus and Caleb walked together; Caleb had bumped into her on the way in. They had ignored her completely and seated themselves, too engrossed by a mere conservation with one another, over nothing relevant it seemed. Their disregard didn't bother her too much, they left her alone and she was fine with that. Marie knew an apology would not be given later and accepted it.

Reid pushed past her as he walked in, imitating Caleb, but purposely. She stumbled from his rough play and glared openly at him, biting back an irritated growl. Reid smirked at her, raising an eyebrow in challenge, he knew she wouldn't be able to do anything, not here, and especially not with Nathan just walking through the door. She saw him glance at her from the corner of her eye and opted to look down at the floor then. His bite was worth more than his bark. It was best not to make him angry.

Reid made her angry, but she despised Nathan the most and if they weren't so massive to begin with, they wouldn't keep bumping into her, but that was beside the point. Nathan was the most arrogant person she had ever met. It was hard to see it through his lack of facial expression, but his arrogance was prominent in his eyes and most women couldn't past his physical appearance, too weakened at the knees to notice.

Sage finally came in last with their father and Daniel, who greeted her with a smile. Marie made sure everyone was seated before she was dismissed and filed back into the kitchen. She hated cooking for them; they ate like rabid eating beasts, which they in fact were. Slaving over the stove for seconds was rather okay, but by the time it got to the fourth, Marie was tired of their rambunctious stomachs. Cooking for seven men with bottomless pits for stomachs meant a lot of food. They just never satisfied until they were full.

Her mouth was already salivating; she could practically taste the food on the tip of her tongue. Marie hadn't eaten anything yet, she had forgotten to, waking up late was not an option. It was a good thing she didn't have to do this all day; they were even rowdier at lunch. Dinner not so much, there were separate night runs.

Daniel had thanked her after breakfast with a hug; he couldn't stay any longer and talk with her because of some pack business he had to take care of. To her disappointment, she was left with the dishes with herself today, though by this time Reid would usually come bother her again. He just loved to pick on her, Denise even more because she was easy to break. Knowing this fact, she thought nothing of it when a body pressed against her from behind, while she was washing some spoons, she was almost finished with the rest of the load.

Two big hands placed themselves onto her upper waist and she felt his body press into her further. Marie let out a short breath as Reid's hands moved lower. Her best bet was just to ignore him, like always, he would eventually go away. He got bored easily when she wouldn't respond.

Werewolves were very intimate creatures to their own kind and loved affection, buy they could be just as vicious. Marie sighed inwardly; it wasn't like that all for Denise. She'd flinch wildly if anyone were to try touching her. She and Heidi had tried so hard to keep her away from the other men, it didn't work very often. Marie wasn't as badly scared, nor was Heidi; they always had a higher ranking wolf to protect them and weren't used as much. Denise didn't though, she had no connection.

Marie disliked the fact that Reid wasn't bothered by touching her so casually. They were brother and sister for fucks sakes, but it was little strange that he hadn't spoken or made a snide remark yet.

It wasn't until Reid's thumps slipped underneath her shirt and started rubbing circles on skin at her waist when she got frustrated. He should have left her alone by now.

She elbowed him in the gut. "Quit touching me, I'm busy." She chided. Marie felt him let go of her and heard a light grunt. Immediately after, hands clamped onto her upper arms, their grip tight, Marie felt as if her arms were about to break in any minute. She cried out in pain through her teeth, bent over the sink. "What the hell is your problem Reid?" Marie struggled in his grip.

A deep chuckle reached her ears. "You're strong for being such a little thing, but I'm stronger." His grip tightened. Marie stiffened, that was not Reid. Why hadn't she noticed it wasn't Reid before? She was so lost in her thoughts and in her mechanical labor to notice anything different. Marie should've sniffed him out the minute he was in the room. No, it wasn't Reid; it was someone much worse.

"Nathan," she spat out of her own angry. "I'm glad to see you've finally noticed." Marie breathed in a sigh of relief when he finally let go her arms, but it was short lived.

Nathan slammed her right back into her counter; the only difference was that her body was turned to face him. He pressed his body back harder into her. His right hand roughly held the strands of her hair, forcing her to look up at him. Nathan's had wrapped his left arm entirely around her upper body, she wouldn't be able to attack him with his hold on her.

Nathan glared down at her, "You might get away with acting this way with Reid, but remember your place pup." He gave a warning growl. "I might have to punish you, though I might also be willing to forgive you," Nathan nipped at her shoulder and then her ear lightly. Marie's eye widened, but she played it cool. Nathan was testing her; he wanted her to react, to fight against him. "Is your playmate not satisfying enough? Is there no other that you have to sink low enough to have your sister?" She glared at him. Nathan lifted her onto the counter for easy access and smirked wickedly at her.

"You are not my sister, not really, perhaps in appearance," Nathan stared into her matching grey eyes. "We have the same mother," she retorted, her statement was true.

"Ah, but pups receive most of their dominant genes from their fathers, so we are not the same." That was also true, but she still believed Nathan was her brother.

Nathan nipped her again, "Hmm…with at body of yours, I wonder how tight you really are." She gave in and resisted him; Marie struggled violently in his arms at those words.

"Nathan let go, let me go now." He wouldn't stop, "I'm your sister!" He snarled at her and whipped his head to glare coldly at her, but he let go of her none the less. "How many times do I have to say, you are not my sister."

"Then how is it father has the exact same eyes as me, us, when you and everyone else say he is not my father." An angry growl rippled through Nathan's throat. "You got them from mother." His lips twitched, Marie growled right back at him, "Then explain Ulrich. Why doesn't he have the same eye color?"

"You don't know shit." Nathan retorted.

"That is enough both of you!" The alpha roared. Gabriel glared at the arguing pups. "Nathan you are supposed to be helping Daniel. Go now." Nathan nodded his head and left the room quickly.

Gabriel shifted his gaze to Marie. Marie looked down at the floor, her chin raised down. She submitted, Marie didn't want to make him any angrier than he already was. She could feel his penetrating gaze on her, "You are not to be poking into things you don't understand. I want no more of this." His voice was cold and demanded to be listened to.

Marie nodded her, "You may go." She left quickly as Nathan, but one thing was for sure, she would get to the bottom of this. Marie needed to know her past, where she came from, but she knew exactly where idea to start.

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