A/N: Normally, I write Twific over on Fanfiction and I asked my beta over there to give me some prompts for a charity I decided to write for. She gave me ten different 3 word prompts. I used one for the charity story compilation and decided to save the rest for later. I added pictures for all the prompts to help give me ideas. I felt that this one should be a short original fiction instead of Twific to help me out of my writing funk since school and work have been pretty overwhelming for the past couple months. It's just a short little bit that I may add onto later, but for now, here it is. :)

Waiting on Something Beautiful

Prompt #4: A gray tabby cat, string, and a camellia blossom.

For pictures that I used: Camellia - http : // weheartit . com / entry / 1645814
Tabby - http : // bit . ly / cPLa35
String - http : // bit . ly / 94aw1Z

One of the blossoms of the Camellia tree fell onto the nose of the young woman who had fallen asleep beneath it. The tiny, tabby kitten beside her began to bat at the rosy petals, eager to play with something while her owner dozed in the lazy, summer afternoon. The flower fell, tickling the woman's cheeks as it slid to the grass. Her sleepy eyes began to flutter awake. The kitten mewed and the woman gave her a gentle smile.

"Why, hello, Miss Sophia. Were you bored while mommy slept?" the woman asked, while sitting up so she could lean against the tree.

Sophia climbed into her lap and pawed at her blouse. She laughed and picked up the kitten, bringing her to snuggle on her shoulder. Sophia gave her a kitten kiss and curled up in the crook of the woman's neck. Her long red hair made a cute netting for the animal.

Awake, and settled with the closest thing she had to a child, she picked up the mess of yarn she had been working with before deciding to take a nap. She planned on knitting a scarf for the quickly approaching Autumn. She had always liked to plan ahead in all aspects of her life, except there was one she never could.

"Ellie? Are you out there? Someone's here to see you." The sound of her mother's voice had never been so thrilling.

He was home.