In your mind we didn't have anything before.
All I want is what we had before.
But I kept saying I wanted more.
Only cos you kept turning up the heat.
There was passion when we did first meet.
Now it's only a sick coupling,
Of bodies, both resisting.

And I thought I wanted that.
Wanted your flesh, your little cat - released.
But I only need your warmth, now even that has ceased.
Such a little thing.
Now you won't give me anything.
Just like everyone before.

You're a ghost of her, she did the same to me.
The girl you were, I don't see.
You're not like what you were, that time so long before.
You were a little girl.
In your lips, the whole world.
In your grind, innocence and decadence.
Now you're a woman of conflict.

I never knew you, but now you know my story.
What frights and wonders took place before me?
Noone knows my heart, after all, neither do you.
You have changed so much.
And there is no lightning at your touch.

I've been much, much drunker than that,
and at least kept my beating soul hidden.
I did so many things to keep you away.
You don't mean a thing to me, really.
But I still want you to stay.

And warm my body.
And teach me the way, to feel safe.
I am selfish.
This is a good thing.
Our ending.