and then I asked her
and when she said to me
I didn't listen

a daywalker
time to breathe
so I walk in the dark
and wait for the axe
fearing the knife in my back

fear sweeps in muscle pains
like a heart attack
undead warriors and bloodstains
don't scare me

I love the fantasy
but the real
the people that hate me
and betray me
scare the shit out of me
and I mumble to myself:
be okay, be okay, be...

Stop telling me I won't make it!
When I get the girl I want,
She won't have to fake it.

somewhere down in the roots,
is my beating soul hidden,
and you can't take it.

stand in the middle of the road,
Red lights, then he shoots.
Cops are on their way.
I left my heart there, trodden in the clay.
I'll be okay,

The old man said I would,
little did I know, little did I know.
I thought he was God,
Tripping like a little bitch.

Bubbles worse than stitch, it's Poison:
a rotten piece of cod.
some P
a few shrooms in a cup, not tea
not water
possibly rat poison.

her lips were wet,
before I got there.
What once were sweet and fair.
All got jobs and cut their hair.
All my groupies,
are now married.
And have babies carried.

And I'm still playing.
driving to the chequered flag.
This isn't a fucking board game.
Someone could get killed in this.
Getting overtaken, it's not a race for fame.
I'm in it to win, as the world does turn.
Just a race to see who dies first.
And what's left behind to burn.