Here's another one! I was thinking ... and out of the blue (or whichever colour you prefer) THIS popped into my head! So you can have it. Please give it a good home in your favourite stories lists and give it love in the form of reviews.

"It's … gone all soft!"

"Yes, idiot, that's what happens when it's in something hot and wet."

"Don't patronise me! I didn't know!"

"Well you should have! How old are you!? It's not like your a virgin on top of this, right!?"

"Of course not! I've just … never done this before."

"… Fine. We'll do it again, gently."

"Okay! So I just put it in – hey! Don't eat them!"

"I'm not eating them, I'm sucking on them."

"Well don't! Now watch me; I want to do this right!"

"It's not that hard, just take it easy, and do it slowly,"

"Or it'll brake, right?"

"Only if you fail that much."

"Hey! This is my first time and – stop eat – I mean sucking!"

"It's what your supposed to do!"

"No it isn't, you lair!"

"Fine! I'm never doing this with you again!"

"No please! I take it back! You have to!"

"Why do I have to?"

"… Because this is fun! No wait-! Don't touch that!"

"Why not? Don't just slap my hand away! That's rude!"

"But you can't just swallow it all now! You have to wait until I'm finished this one!"

"I will! I'll just eat them all, and then we'll do it again."

"But … I wanna just … wait a bit."

"Hey, come on, you won't mess it up … it's not even that hard, right?"

"Yeah … but you should stop eating them."

"Suck it up, bitch."

"No way! That's your job, now."

"Wait – what?"

"Yep! You have to put all of it in your mouth!"

"No way! It's huge! I'm not doing that!""

"Not even for me?"

"Especially not for you!"

"Then stop eating it all!"

"What!? It's pasta! I can eat it all!"

"No! I haven't finished cooking it yet! Make sure I'm doing it correctly!"

"ARG! Fine! Last time I'll show you have to cook pasta!"

Yes, the boy likes to suck on pasta, I like to as well, it's not that bad .... Anyway, R&R! (^3^)/~333