three and a half years ago
in the first week of may
that's when i met you
seems like just yesterday

from the very beginning
i had to get in your head
i stayed up all night
hanging on every word you said

i was falling so fast
doubt was pushed aside
for the first time in my life
i was forgetting my pride

they said it was infatuation
but we didn't care
we knew we had found
something incredibly rare

every second was perfect
it all came naturally
all we needed in the world
was you and me

you showed me how to smile
you gave me something real
i didn't know i was so broken
until you helped me heal

i remember the first time
you said, "i love you"
how i felt so high
because i knew it was true

i remember the first night
i spent in your eyes
talking and holding hands
then watching the sunrise

i remember taking vows
that we'd always stay together
but rings were just an afterthought
we knew we were forever

i love how we're honest
and how we never fight
i love how when i freak out
you always make it alright

i love how i still stop worrying
every time you kiss me
i love how every time i leave
you still say how much you miss me

i love how we're best friends
and we never run out of things to say
i love how you hug me when you get home
then tell me little things about your day

i love sitting in our living room
watching our daughter play
they say the grass is always greener
but i feel lucky every day

my life has been so beautiful
since that first week of may