"She Caught Me"
short story by DaniFire


"You're a girl. I'm a guy. We're in a room with a bed… So, how do you want us to do this? Do I kiss you first or… do you want me to coax you a little bit to get on my bed?" There was a small mischievous smile playing along the sides of his lips.

Apparently, Seth Park a.k.a. the reckless moron, takes utmost pleasure in making Laika squirm.

If it was possible for one person to hyperventilate and suddenly evaporate, Laika would have disappeared spot on as soon as the hotness going by the name of Seth Park, disturbingly invaded her personal space.

He was just too damn close.

She knew her face was flushing red with the proximity of his half-naked glory but it was as if she was glued in place. With his face so close, only a few millimeters more and their lips would eventually meet… If only he kept his mouth shut, Laika would have given kissing him a second thought.

But then, he spoke. And all thoughts of kissing him had gone down the drain in an instant.

"What makes you think I would want to sleep with you?" Laika crossed her arms on her chest with a defiant expression on her face.

Being the natural tease that he was, Seth merely swung his hand by Laika's side and closed the door behind her. Seeing her completely infuriated expression just completed his day in the most satisfying manner. She may not know it, but their quarrels and bickering made his life a lot more fun.

"Oh, I just don't think so… I know so…" He smirked. "You may be resisting the urge to smother me with kisses now… But believe me, Laika, someday, you're going to give up resisting and give in… And when that time comes, I would be most delighted to oblige…" He smiled leisurely, taking time to observe the soft crimson hue parading across Laika's cheeks.

The way her face heated up as soon as he got too close for comfort, he loved that

Author's Note:

I decided to publish this novella on Amazon so it's not available here anymore. =)