Islands of the Blessed

Emerald shorelines, an otherwordly dreamer ...

Uncharted swoon, Hesperides, marooned,

On arid lips sweet wind-borne dew,

Cautious, caressing waves, nimbly attuned

Tickle her senses through and through.

Her beryl eyes search fathomless skylines

Where sable islands may yet rise,

Beyond the amber sands, blissful confines

Of reaped sunrays and mirrored skies.

On a battlefield, a soldier's vision …

Eyes, silver thawed with vitreous tears, shed blood

Of mingled glee and human fears,

The martyrdom of life withers in mud

For souls to drift by blissful piers.

The vision blurs on crimson battlefields,

Dreamless sleep of blest wayfarers.

Groping for swords and battered shields,

Souls brave borne by holy bearers.