If a lover dares to love

all raw and oft exposed,

should I prepare to leap?

To follow where it goes?

To follow where it goes, my love,

I cannot seem to fathom,

yet fallow I must do, my love,

for my heart is taken ransom.

If a giver dares to give

with a taker there to take,

do promise me to give

for everything you take.

For everything you take, my love,

I trust you to replace.

Betray me you must not, my love,

don't lay my faith to waste.

If a dreamer dares to dream

all bright and unafraid,

should I go do the same

to find where dreams are made?

To find where dreams are made, my love,

where all my hopes are taken,

where you lay unafraid, my love –

a dream that love is safe in.