In The Alleyway

On a cold January winter,
A litter of brothers and sisters
Followed their Mama that day.
Every kitten was shivering and starving,
And their Mama had to find a way.

As she led them to a narrow alley,
Her nose caught a scent of food.
Her kittens padded after her
Hoping to eat and sleep soon.

A scrawny calico kitten was staggering behind.
She was too tired and cold to walk.
There wasn't enough to eat last night,
And she stumbled to the floor.

Her Mama was unaware of her daughter,
And she continued to walk without her.
Her family left her body alone
In the chilly bitter dark.

Soon the felines arrived at the dump.
Their Mama leaped on top of a garbage can
And dug out anything she could find.
In her mouth she carried down what she had.

While her kittens were eating ravenously,
She realized one of her children was missing.
She immediately commanded her kittens to stay
And went back to find her lost kitten in the alleyway.

Suddenly she smelled her child
And spotted her lying on the ground.
She was about to run to her daughter
Until a tall figure drew near.

Her Mama quickly hid in a corner
And watched anxiously with fear.
A man was carrying two black bags
And stopped when he saw the dead kitten there.

Her Mama opened her eyes with horror,
As he grabbed her kitten by his hands.
She watched as the man disposed her child in the black bag
And took her kitten away without a care.

Her Mama stood mortified,
And she hadn't moved since.
Silent tears fell from her eyes,
And she turned away.