Her arms once warmly wrapped around,
now her pretty face only dons on scorn.
Watched her twirl, but with other men,
the smile once his, no longer now.

Maybe she was waiting for today,
to show how he was yards from her.
Staggered to a corner, destroyed by sorrow,
fell into a vault of despair, devoured by despair.

A/N: This is an actual event that happened. As the description says: prom night. It was the night of graduation from secondary school... And this happened to my senior. I don't know what to say, nor did I know what I could do. I just sat there wondering if it was meant to turn out like that all along? Did she craft all that perfectly to destroy his world...? If so, why? If not, why did she dump him on the day of prom night and dance with another guy before his very eyes?

She was just a normal girl, average normal girl. And he, was also an average, normal guy.... They looked so great together the last time I saw them.

Another reason why I don't want to find any special someone now. It's going to affect me more when that kind of thing happens. I'm going to be a laughing stalk...

And all that time he rattled and ranted, I sat there listening and wondering...

I hope he finds another 'someone' to fill in that space she left... and patch up the open wounds of his heart.