[Chapter 1]

"You just don't understand!" I told him. I was lying on my bed, texting my best friend, Ethan.

"Well how can I understand? You're a girl, I'm a boy. You're being stupid, I'm not." he replied.

I sighed in frustration. I'd tried to explain how I felt to him so many times, in so many ways, but he just didn't understand. I wasn't the stupid one, he was!

"You're right about the first bit alright, but you've got the next sentence backwards." I said.

"Am I an attention-seeker who won't shut up about how upset I am over nothing? No! You are!"

"You don't understand!!"

After that I turned my phone off and cried. How could my best friend who had known me for years be so mean to me? I buried my head in my pillow, hoping it would suffocate me.

Just then, someone knocked at my door.

"Go away..." I mumbled.

The door opened anyway. "Hi Rainbow!" It was my three year old sister, Starlight.

"Hi Starlight..." I said, still with my face in the pillow.

She walked over to me and patted my head. "Mommy says you have homework!"

I groaned and lifted my head up. "Tell her I don't care..."

"She also says it's dinnertime!"

I put my head back down. "Tell her I don't care about that either..."

Starlight giggled. "Okay!" She began to walk away.

I sat up quickly. "No, wait, don't!"

She walked back to me. "What's wrong?" she asked.

I thought about telling her, and decided I might as well, she was only three.

"Well," I began, "You know the way I keep being sad, and staying in my room?

Starlight nodded.

"Well I was trying to tell Ethan about it, and he was just being stupid! He doesn't understand at all!"

Starlight stared blankly. "...Okay! Why are you sad?"

"That's the problem, I don't know! I just am!"

"Okay! Why doesn't he understand?"

"Because he's stupid! And he should understand, we've been friends for ages, he should know me!" I felt like I was about to cry.

"But he's not you, you are. That's why!" Starlight told me innocently.

"Yeah well... Did you say Mom said I had homework? I guess I'd better go do it, right?" I began to walk downstairs. Starlight followed me, nodding happily.

"Can I help?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure."

Later, after finishing my homework with Starlight 'helping' me by scribbling on my book, I was about to go to sleep when Starlight walked into my room.

"Hi Rainbow!" she sang happily.

"Hi Starlight..." I said unenthusiastically, "Shouldn't you be in bed? It's ten at night."

"No!" she said, laughing, as she pulled out a fairy wand toy-thing.

I looked at her, wondering what she was thinking.

"You know the way Ethan isn't you, and you're sad, and he doesn't understand?" she asked, while waving her wand erratically.

"Yeah..." I knew this probably wouldn't be good.

"Well, I'm gonna cast a spell on you so as you'll be Ethan and he'll be you and you'll be happy and he'll understand! Isn't that great?" she yelled enthusiastically, while jumping up and down, still waving her wand.

"Ssh! Stop jumping! Mom and Dad will hear you! And... Yeah, great. You do that..."

Starlight giggled quietly, and started waving her wand in circles. She closed her eyes, continued waving her wand, and started whispering. "Magic Goddess hear my spell, I'll be good and never tell, help me to help my sister and friend, so we can all be happy in the end."

She opened her eyes, stopped waving her wand, and smiled.

I just looked at her, bewildered. How had she come up with that? What Goddess was she talking about? And I could have sworn I saw her wand flash at the end of her 'spell'... Maybe it was just the kind that lights up? But it still creeped me out.

"Where...? How...? Who...? ...What?" I asked, unsurely.

Starlight laughed. "Bye-bye, night-night, have fun!" and with that, she ran back to her own room, giggling.

I laid down in bed, and wondered how a child so strange could possibly be related to me. I turned my phone on, to see if I had any messages from Ethan. My head started hurting, and I felt a bit drowsy. I wished my phone would turn on faster so I could just go to sleep.

My phone finally turned on, and informed me that I had voicemail. I listened to it. It was from Ethan.

"Yeah. You're right, I don't understand. But I don't care! You need to understand how annoying it is when you never shut up about how upset you say you are! You don't even have an actual reason to be complaining about a single thing in your life! Your life is perfect! My life completely sucks, but I don't whine at you about it constantly! Just forget it... Bye."

I turned my phone off and threw it at the wall. I pulled my blanket over my head and tried not to cry. How could Ethan say all that? My life is nowhere near perfect, and his is brilliant! He hadn't got a weird, annoying, younger sister, his dad wasn't out at work all day long, and he even had an older sister in college! His life couldn't possibly be more perfect! And he had the nerve to say that my life is perfect?! Our lives are complete opposites. His is perfect, mine is terrible.

After a while of thinking, I fell asleep.